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Digital Marketing Consultant in India | Who Is The Best Marketing Expert

Hi, welcome to my website Digital Santhosh. I’m Santhosh, a freelance digital marketing consultant in India.

I come from the city of Mysore. I have the best expertise in various digital marketing verticals like SEO (Search engine optimization), Search engine marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, Content marketing, Analytics and so on.

In this digital era, every brand would love to grow its business in the digital world.

Businesses need tangible results that are measurable & scalable. Hence hiring the top marketing professional in India for a business is a viable option.

It’s absolutely true that digital marketing could bring great results for a business.

But digital marketing campaigns will give good returns only when it is executed with proven marketing strategies.

If a business is serious about excelling through digital marketing then the best way to move ahead would be to hire a digital marketing expert in India.

Why should you hire a digital marketing consultant in India to grow your business through online marketing?

Digital marketing or online marketing is a very dynamic field. There are various paid advertising platforms like Google ads, Facebook ads, bing ads, Twitter ads, Linkedin ads, Quora ads, Instagram ads and so on.

There has been an enormous growth in the digital marketing field from the past decade. In fact in India, digital advertising spend has rapidly increased by 30% in 2018.

As per the reports from Livemint, digital advertising spends in India contributes to nearly 16% i.e. 12 thousand crore rupees of the total 54000 crore rupees marketing budget of the Indian based companies in 2018.

This is because of the positive factors surrounding digital marketing.

A few such factors could be attributed to the rapid growth of the internet population in the last 5 years in India, the opportunity to deliver personalized branding messages through internet advertising platforms and the chance to get higher returns from digital advertising.

Also in digital marketing brands can use innovative marketing tools & technologies for campaign optimization, keyword targeting, nurturing leads, competitor analysis and so on.

All these will ultimately lead to better management of the campaigns and deliver higher ROI.

Whereas in the case of traditional advertising, marketing ends up putting an Ad on TV or a Newspaper or billboard. And from there, marketers have a task to calculate reach, the big reach.

There is No targeting, No personalization, No effective and tangible method to calculate ROI in traditional advertising.

Digital Marketing Industry Growth in Past 5 Years.

Google Ads:

Google Ads is one of the best online marketing platforms. As per industry reports, businesses make a profit of 2$ for every 1$ they invest in Google advertising. That’s like getting a 200% profit from Google Ads marketing campaigns for your business.

Also, As Per reports, Google ads contribute to more than $80 billion of the total online e-commerce transactions happening every year.

As per the reports in India, Google search advertising takes a share of 27% of the total digital advertising spend.

It is next followed by mobile & video advertising with 19% of the total digital advertising spend for the year 2018.

Google Ads is the most advanced advertising platform. It provides an opportunity for your business to grow and get more traffic, conversions & sales with various marketing tactics like keyword targeting, Ad optimization, remarketing, bid strategies and so on.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising:

Likewise, Facebook advertising is another prominent social advertising platform. One of the greatest advantages of Facebook marketing is that its audience targeting features.

With audience targeting brands are now able to get their promos & messages in front of their targeted segment of the audience on the basis of their audience demographics, behavior, interests, location and so on.

Facebook marketing has a great potential for increasing brand awareness, traffic, engagement, leads & sales for your business.

Also, Facebook Ads offer a wide range of advanced targeting options like Custom audience, Look-alike audience, Remarketing and so on.

Similarly, Twitter is an open social media platform. Twitter provides an opportunity to do brand building & increasing fan followers for brands.

And then if you wish to target a professional segment of the audience then Linkedin Marketing could be for you. Also, many B2B businesses rely on Linkedin marketing to generate B2B leads.

According to reports social media advertising takes around 18% of the total digital advertising spend for the financial year 2018 in India.

With SEO, it’s possible to drive organic traffic to a business website from the Search engine.

In the same way, we can think of many other digital advertising platforms & tactics as well in the digital world. Each will have it’s own uniqueness and advantages.

Any industry or business can incorporate digital marketing strategies.

In fact according to the reports, In India especially industries like FMCG, E-commerce, BFSI, Telecom, Education, Travel, Automobile, Media & Entertainment contributed to more than 80% of the digital advertising spend for the financial year 2018.

Why your business needs digital marketing consulting?

Marketing in the digital world is all about keeping the users in mind in each and every aspect.

Helping out people and providing a great experience for people through digital medium and digital content is becoming the core aspect of digital marketing.

Gone are those days wherein brands would run an ad campaign on Google or Facebook and expect leads, sales, etc.

Now the shift is happening towards creating good content and developing tactics by having your User at the central focal point in every stage of deployment of the tactics.

Brands are giving the highest prominence to enhance the user experience.

So, now the key idea here is to identify the pain points of the users and come with solutions to provide a great value for the users.

See, it could be like for example your lead magnets could be too broad. So with the help of good digital marketing consulting you would be able to create lead magnets that are focused on a specific audience and add great value.

And when it comes to managing your social media campaigns, you might want to build a great community of audience for your brands. So, your brand could engage with followers and users through social media channels. 

With the help of an amazing digital marketing consulting service, you will be able to build your brand and get brand engagements through social media channels.

Also, you would wish to collect your audience emails so that you can leverage email marketing for your brand. Your Brand would need a great email marketing strategy to nurture all of your leads and convert them into sales.

Advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing

The biggest advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing is that online marketing can help you track & measure your results.

This help’s in optimizing the marketing campaign and attributes the results & conversions to the relevant source/medium.

Whereas when we think of traditional advertising there is no way or no methods to track & measure the results effectively.

For example, Assume we put an Ad on TV. Is there a way to calculate accurately how many people saw the Ad & made a purchase?. Definitely, the answer would be no because results in traditional marketing are not accurately measurable, scalable & tangible.

Advantages of digital marketing for growing your business.

As per reports, there are at least 45 crores of Indian mobile internet subscribers.

Mobile internet users go on to research for their various problems and solutions in the internet world. Hence there is immense scope for the businesses & brands to get found in the digital world.

There is a lot of innovations happening in digital marketing. As per industry reports, more than 70% of people research on the search engine before they purchase a product.

15 years go it was enough for businesses to just focus on their traditional marketing methods. But now in this digital world, it is necessary for businesses to build their presence online.

Flexibility In Digital Marketing:

The other advantage of digital marketing is that even a small business can launch their digital advertising campaigns with a flexible budget.

For example, Just think of traditional advertising methods like Television & Radio, newspaper advertising. You will never get the opportunity to start with flexible budgets in traditional advertising.

Most newspapers & Television Media Companies will charge huge budget. And a small business owner can never afford such huge budgets.

15 years ago brands were investing heavily in Newspaper advertising and radio advertising. At that point in time businesses and brands had no proper metric to calculate their ROI.

In simple words when doing traditional advertising the marketing department was just blank while calculating ROI.

They had to rely upon so many unreliable metrics and come into conclusion.

Because just think of it, for example, An advertiser put an ad in the newspaper & radio. So, some people visited that local business.

What are the facts to be considered to hire a digital marketing expert in India?

As I said earlier digital marketing is a very innovative field. The digital marketing industry is filled with so many challenges.

If you are a business owner you can think of starting digital marketing campaigns for your business on your own. There is nothing wrong with that.

Yes, it’s a fact that most things related to digital marketing could be easily accessed on the internet.

For example, there are many good informative digital marketing articles on the internet.

Of course, anyone could go through all of those digital marketing blogs. And they could enhance their knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

Facts to consider while hiring a digital marketing consultant in India

But the crucial fact to understand here is that gaining theoretical knowledge on digital marketing & executing performance-driven profitable digital marketing campaigns are two different things.

It’s very easy & fun sitting in your home balcony with a laptop on your lap. And to enjoy reading informative digital marketing blogs in order to gain theoretical knowledge about digital marketing.

Advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and others are publicly available to access.

But it does not mean to say that any individual without proper knowledge & qualified skills could go on to run a digital marketing campaign.

But the real challenge comes when you try to execute a practically performance-driven digital marketing campaign to get more conversions & results for your business.

In fact, one cannot easily sideline the efforts of digital marketing strategist to get targeted traffic, optimize the Advertising campaigns, build a funnel, track conversions & sales for a business.

It takes lot’s of efforts, strategies & skills to execute a profitable digital marketing campaign.

An Example Case of a Business Owner thinking of implementing digital marketing for his business growth

Imagine that you are a business owner. Every business will have multiple departments. Let’s say for example the product development department, sales department, marketing depart, customer care department and so on.

Taking into consideration the challenges involved in the digital marketing landscape if you being the business owner would have to execute all the digital marketing campaigns on your own. And then you would end up spending 80% of your time working on the digital marketing campaigns.

Successful business owners won’t do all the tasks of their various business departments on their own. They come up with an idea, they recruit eligible people for various departments. And then they manage those people to take their business forward in the correct direction.

So in our example case, the business owner is spending more time on just the digital marketing department. And he or she is not focusing on managing the other departments.

Because of this, the operations of other departments like finance, customer support, product development will slow down. Ultimately it starts affecting the business in a negative way.

For any business to succeed all the business departments should be operating & functioning properly.

So, then what is the solution for our business owner to launch his digital marketing campaigns for his business?.

The simple solution for this problem would be to get the consulting service of a qualified & skilled freelance digital marketing consultant in India.

Challenges In Hiring Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant In India

There are many digital marketing agencies that are mushrooming up in every corner claiming to offer “best digital marketing services”. But the problem with most digital marketing agencies is that they themselves have too many difficulties with hiring a qualified talented digital marketing consultant in India for their online marketing projects.

Sorav Jain is one of the top 100 digital marketers in India. As per reports from Soravjain who owns one of the top digital marketing blogs in India, 50% of digital marketing agencies in India have lots of difficulties in hiring & recruiting the best talented online marketers in India for their digital agency.

Challenges faced by digital marketing agencies

This is because there is no dearth or shortage of mediocre & ordinary digital marketers in the industry. But there is a huge shortage of Qualified & skilled freelance digital marketing experts in India who deliver quality work.

Remember always in order to produce & deliver quality digital marketing work one needs to be highly passionate, knowledgable & skillful about digital marketing.

Hire A Consultant Who Delivers Quality Work, Not Quantity Work

You can never get good Quality digital marketing work done by paying cheap low prices. For example, there are hundreds of bad SEO Agencies in India which offer you 1000 backlinks with Black Hat SEO at cheap low prices.

But only a few Qualified SEO experts in India would offer you high-quality content with genuine keyword research & link building service through White Hat SEO methods.

The idea is that a good digital marketing consultant in India who delivers high-quality work will charge you higher and will deliver great results.

Whereas a low cheap priced freelance digital marketing consultant in India will charge you a low price. But it will deliver a bad quality of work which provides zero results.

In my opinion, there is absolutely no point in hiring a cheap freelance digital marketer or a bad digital agency who would only deliver bad work and fail to achieve the project goals & results.

And moreover, low priced freelance digital marketing consultants and digital marketing agencies offering low price service will never be able to give one-to-one attention to the marketing campaigns.

Perhaps they might never update their knowledge & skills in digital marketing. They would not be having the thirst to learn more about digital marketing. They would just go on doing a large quantity of work just to please their clients.

But these kinds of a large quantity of work will just burn off your money and will never give any results for your business.

There is definitely a huge shortage of qualified, skilled digital marketing consultant in India who deliver quality work & results with proven marketing expertise and knowledge.

The Need for Digital Marketing Expert In India With Diverse Digital Marketing Skills

An experienced & knowledgable digital marketing consultant in India who is working with a reputed agency might not leave his company to join your business marketing projects.

Because of the fact that highly reputed digital marketing agencies focus so much on Talent & employee retention policies such that they give good financial benefits to their experienced digital marketing experts.

Also depending upon your business objectives & goals you might need a digital marketing expert who has expertise in various verticals & fields like Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, Social media, inbound marketing, lead generation, email marketing and so on.

For example, let’s take the example of a business or company that has it’s marketing campaigns just focused & limited entirely on social media. A potential customer engaged with the business & visited the business website through a social media platform like Twitter.

It does not have to be that the potential customer will just be spending his online browsing time entirely inside social media sites like Twitter or anyone particular website for that matter.

The potential customer might also go and surf or browse other websites of his choice of interest as well.

In this case, if the company or the brand does not have a google ad expert to set up high profitable Google ads display remarketing campaigns then for sure that brand or the company will miss an opportunity to increase its brand awareness, conversions & sales.

Don’t you think it would be a great benefit for your brand if the brand can retarget that potential customer?

So, in this scenario, the brand would need to hire a google ads specialist who can set up display remarketing campaigns for the business. Such that the brand can retarget potential customers with relevant brand messages on the websites that are part of the Google display network.

Driving targeted traffic to a business online presence is one key component of a digital marketing campaign. But it does not mean to say that everything ends over there.

If Suppose the brand is getting targeted traffic to its online presence then to get higher conversions & sales the company would have to focus on lead generation, lead nurturing, conversion optimization techniques, landing page relevancy and so on.

So, in that case, that company or the business would need an expert who has a good knowledge of inbound marketing vertical.

Later when the business has built a good list of subscribers it would go on to do email marketing as well. for this purpose, the brand would need to hire an email marketing professional as well.

Like this, if a brand goes on hiring different digital marketing consultants in India for different individual tasks then probably there would exist no correlations and synchronization between the workflow of different consultants & experts working on the same businesses digital marketing projects.

Therefore the best solution for this is to hire a digital marketing consultant in India who offers full-fledged best digital marketing services.

While hiring a digital marketing consultant in India you would have to ensure that the person whom you hire has professional marketing expertise, knowledge & skills in multiple various verticals of digital marketing rather than having expertise in just 1 or 2 fields.

Digital Santhosh – Best Digital Marketing Consultant in India | Digital Marketing Expert in India

You have actually come to the right place if you were searching for a good digital marketing consultant in India to lead your business digital marketing campaigns for an exceptional amount of growth.

Working on digital marketing consulting projects help’s me in gaining practical exposure, enhance my skills in digital marketing. It also provides me with an opportunity to gain more knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

Be it any digital marketing vertical, I have the best capabilities to take your business forward by delivering extremely extraordinary results through the help of digital marketing. I’m always looking to learn more about digital marketing & enhance my knowledge and skills in digital marketing.

I’m well versed in using various digital marketing tools like SEMrush, Moz, Ubersuggest, Rankwatch, Hubspot, Ahrefs, Buffer, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Instapage and more.

I have the best skills & expertise in the following:

Why I’m a better choice for you than any other digital marketing expert in India?

My top priority is delivering quality work & productive work that gives great results for a business.

Analyzing the business objectives, Achieving the Client’s business goals, Achieving the KPI, Timely work delivery, Good Attention for the marketing campaigns, Excellent customer service & Accomplishing results are the things that make me a better choice for you than any other digital marketing consultant in India.

Also, if you want me to create a digital marketing strategy for your business from scratch, I would be happy to do it for you.

I’m that type of a digital marketer who would go an extra mile ahead to ensure that your business gets great results through my high-quality digital marketing consulting service.

What are my Consulting Charges?

Consulting charges purely depends on the scope of the work.

As I already mentioned, low priced & cheap freelance digital marketing consultants will deliver only low-quality work. Whereas Qualified digital marketing experts in India will charge you a bit higher but will deliver high-quality results & work.

Let me be very honest & frank with you. I do charge for each and every particular tasks of digital marketing. I could be the best choice for you if you want highly productive work & good quality results.

Remember always that to deliver quality productive work, it requires lots of effort, dedication, smart thinking, great strategy & perseverance. My focus is always on delivering highly productive quality work.

My primary focus is to deliver excellent digital marketing services to my clients. I always ensure that the work delivered will meet client expectations and satisfy my clients.

I will never deliver low quality work for cheap low prices. I’m not that type of bad consultant.

I’m currently open to working on digital marketing projects.

Would you like to grow your business online through digital marketing?.

Then I would be glad to work on your projects to deliver good results for your business & as well as to increase & enhance my knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

Preferred Position: Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant.

Location: Worldwide.

After reading this all, If you think that I’m the best digital marketing consultant in India to take your business forward in the online world then just fill out the form given below. And I will get back to discuss your project.

You can contact me directly to discuss your projects with me on Phone or Skype.

This is my contact information.

Email: [email protected]

Skype: santhosh.murali

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Santhosh is a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant and Expert from Mysore, Karnataka, India. He help’s businesses & startup’s to grow online with the help of digital marketing. Also, Santhosh is a professional digital marketing blogger. He loves to write articles about Social media marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, Inbound Marketing, Web Analytics & Blogging. He shares his knowledge in the field of digital marketing through his blog Digital Santhosh.


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