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How to Buy WordPress Hosting For Blog Website | Best Guide

Last Updated on March 24, 2021 by Santhosh Muralidhar

WordPress platform is highly endorsed and recommended by many professional bloggers. It is also one of the most popular platforms among new bloggers. Because WordPress offers a ton of advantages and benefits including things like user-friendly themes, essential wordpress plugins, SEO features, a User-friendly dashboard, easy setup and management without coding, and so on. Hence these days it is almost like a prerequisite to choosing a hosting that supports wordpress installation and setup for your blogging journey.

Let us have a look at the key steps which you should consider while buying a wordpress hosting plan.

Define the Requirements of Your Blog WordPress Hosting

A web hosting package will provide you with essential disk space, bandwidth, Cpanel, File Management System, Database, PHP software, PhPmyadmin account, App Integration Feature, and more. All these technical things are very much essential to run your wordpress blog.

You must choose a web hosting that properly fits your blogging requirements.

Because Suppose for a new blogger who is trying to learn wordpress a small shared hosting plan could be more than sufficient initially to begin. And it might not be suitable or necessary to get a dedicated wordpress hosting for a new blog that has fewer resources and traffic. 

A dedicated wordpress hosting will provide more disk space, bandwidth, and other extra features which are usually suitable for large websites. In dedicated hosting, only a single website will be hosted on the server. 

So that the server can handle large traffic and resources by ensuring the speed and uptime are not compromised. These dedicated hosting plans are only suitable for large websites.

Whereas on the contrary in a shared hosting plan, hundreds of websites are hosted on a single server. All the server resources will be shared with multiple websites.

 Hence the shared hosting is more suitable for small websites and new wordpress blogs. These types of sites will have less traffic, less data, etc and hence they won’t need more server resources.

If your blog is a new small site with little traffic then it would be better you begin with a shared wordpress hosting plan and then upgrade the package when the site and traffic grows.

And if you are not a technically sound person you must ensure that your web hosting provider offers easy wordpress installation in just one or two steps.

Because for a non-technical person it might be complicated to upload all the wordpress website files and directories through the FTP method or File manager system. 

Hence it will be of great help for new bloggers if their web hosting service providers offer an easy and swift wordpress Setup feature in the Cpanel. 

Usually, many of the popular web hosting brands like A2 Hosting, Dreamhost, and Bluehost will prove a one-click easy wordpress installation feature for their customers.

Speed & Uptime of Web Hosting

If your main requirement or goal is to get a high-speed hosting server for your website then it will be better to opt for a dedicated hosting plan or premium business hosting.

Because those high-end hosting plans would usually provide better infrastructure, speed, and security for the website. 

However, this also means that you will be paying much higher prices for these high-end hosting plans than what you pay for a cheap budget hosting plan.

 Ideally, these dedicated hosting plans and similar premium plans are suitable for real business customers and large website owners who have a sufficient hosting budget.

Generally, the speed and uptime in a low-cost shared hosting plan will not be that great. Because as I mentioned earlier since a lot of sites are hosted on a single server, it would technically reduce the hosting server speed, uptime, etc. 

But for a highly price-sensitive customer who wants to launch his new blog business or any website, it might not be possible to invest in costly web hosting services. 

Hence the cheap shared hosting or any low-cost web hosting package for that matter is only suitable for customers who have a very tight budget and are looking to start a new blog without much investment.

Get Clarity about the Price and Budget of Your WordPress Hosting

Normally Web hosting businesses operate on a SAAS subscription model. In simple terms, it implies that the customers pay for the hosting subscription service bills monthly, quarterly, or annually.

So when you launch the blog site you will be paying monthly or annual web hosting charges depending on your choice.

The price of wordpress hosting will depend on so many other factors. 

For example, a cloud hosting plan or a dedicated wordpress hosting from Dreamhost will cost you more price than the shared starter hosting plan. It can cost you more than 100$ per month.

Usually, the smaller web hosting plans and the shared hosting plan have a less price compared to other premium segment package. 

The basic shared hosting plans of Bluehost and Dreamhost are in the range of $2-$4 per month. This is highly affordable & cheap for new bloggers.

Some premium high quality hosting companies will always charge a bit higher amount. 

Whereas budget web hosting brands are cheaper & affordable for new bloggers who have a limited budget.

For example, you might find that the wordpress hosting plans of A2 Hosting is costlier across all the packages (including shared, business plans, dedicated hosting, etc) when compared with other cheap hosting brands like Hostgator, Bluehost, etc.

This is because the top-quality hosting web hosting brands will be investing a lot in improving their server infrastructure, security, support, Technical updates, hosting speed, uptime, etc. All these factors will lead to giving a better web hosting experience for the customers. Hence the price in this case will be a bit more.

Whereas cheap web hosting brands are more focused on customer acquisition, giving huge discounts on their plans, etc to attract more people. But they might not focus and invest more in quality support, hosting infrastructure, uptime, and speed, etc. 

Hence the service, in this case, is very cheap when compared with another quality hosting. So these type of cheap web hosting service is more suitable for new bloggers who have less budget and resource to invest.

My suggestion to you is that if you are an absolute beginner in blogging or have less budget to invest in hosting to create a wordpress hosting then you should initially choose the cheap shared hosting plans of Bluehost. 

As I told you earlier you can always think of upgrading packages or move to other quality web hosting brands when your business income and traffic grows.

If you are owning a very large blog publication site or e-commerce store or big website then probably it would make sense to opt for premium business hosting, cloud hosting or dedicated hosting, etc.

Choose the Ideal Web Hosting Brand For Your Website

Every Top web hosting company in the market will have its own unique value proposition, USP, benefits, advantages, Pro’s & Con’s, etc.

Some hosting companies like Hostgator, Bluehost are known to provide very affordable & cheap web hosting solutions. And hence they promote their brand as a highly cheap low-cost web hosting service provider.

Whereas Premium quality web hosting providers like A2 Hosting, Siteground are known to offer very high speed and high uptime web hosting. 

They also stand apart from the competition with excellent customer support, advanced hosting features, Numerous hosting-related addons, high server security, better backup features, etc.

Who Should Choose Low-Cost WordPress Web Hosting like Bluehost?

In my opinion, someone who has a very limited budget and is price sensitive should opt for cheap hosting like Bluehost. This would allow them to create a basic wordpress website easily and manage it on their own. 

Who Should Prefer Top Quality Premium Hosting Brands like A2 Hosting or Siteground

If you are willing to invest a little bit more in your web hosting to get better speed, high uptime, and security then you can choose either Siteground or A2 Hosting

Both the brands provide great hosting features like huge disk space, unlimited bandwidth, extremely high-speed servers, secured hosting, countless hosting addons, automatic data backups, etc.

Steps to Choose & Buy a WordPress Hosting Plan From Bluehost

Purchasing a web hosting plan is not a big complex task. You can easily do it by registering your domain name and making online payments for hosting within a matter of a few minutes.

In case if you get any confusion kindly refer to the below-mentioned steps and attached screenshots to choose your hosting plan from Bluehost. 

I’m taking the Bluehost example because it is highly preferred by most of the new bloggers. However, if you choose any other alternative web hosting then kindly refer to my start a blog guide to getting information about purchasing hosting plans from other brands.

  • Click on the Get Started Button
Bluehost - Get Started
  • Choose your Preferred Shared Hosting Plan
Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plan
  • Select Basic Plan if you are looking for the Cheapest Option (it costs only $2.65/month)

In case if you need more features and security features then you might want to select the Choice Plus plan.

  • Enter Your Bluehost Account Information
Bluehost Account Information - Buy WordPress Hosting
  • Select the Relevant Addons and Choose Your Billing, Package Option
Bluehost Package Extras
  • Submit the Payment Details and Complete the Purchase Process

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