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Which is the best way to optimize facebook ads for High ROI?

Last Updated on July 20, 2019 by Santhosh Muralidhar

Facebook ads are widely used by social media marketers. Optimizing Facebook ads will result in meeting the advertisers facebook campaign objective. One of the most common questions that we hear among many marketers is “how to improve Facebook ad performance”. In this article let us get to know the best way to optimize Facebook ads to get more clicks, likes, engagements and trigger goals for your business.

Facebook audience optimization.

The term Facebook audience optimization can be defined as optimizing the ads to Facebook users on the basis of their demographic, interest, behaviour etc. Facebook audience optimization is about narrowing the ads exactly to your target audience.

Advertisers would just burn their money if they do not do proper audience research and create a buyer persona. Such advertisers would just enter words related to their business/ product & select the audience, throw an ad copy and get the ads Live!. This tactic might just broaden your audience and is not a proper facebook audience optimization method.

Answering the following things about your target audience will help to find out the best way to optimize Facebook ads for your target audience.

  • How old are your target audience?.
  • What is their highest education qualification?.
  • What is their Job title?.
  • which industry do they work in? and whom do they report to in their work?.
  • What are their biggest challenges and goals in their Work/ Profession?.
  • What tools would they prefer to use in their work?.
  • which social networks do they belong to?.
  • Which websites/blogs your audience might be interested in surfing?.
  • What type of posts do they interact and engage with a lot?.
  • Do they prefer video post or image or post or text post?.
  • Would they like to engage with an informative post or educative post or humorous post?.
  • At which time point of the day they would like to engage with the posts?.
  • Which competitors social media profiles do your audience follow?.
  • What is their relationship status?.
  • What are their family status and preference?.

Also, the things marked in the bold indicate that those things can found by analyzing your competitors FB strategy.

Facebook ad tracking.

When we think of the best way to optimize Facebook ads, it is important to track the ads in order to gain an opportunity to optimize the ads further. Facebook ad tracking is not about just analyzing the number of clicks, impressions, likes, shares, conversions etc your ads have received. But instead Facebook ad tracking is the process of analyzing the targeted audience behaviour after their interaction with your ads through the help of Facebook tracking pixel.

Assume that you are searching for a shared hosting package. you click on an FB ad related to web hosting & you browse through all the shared hosting packages. Now imagine that same hosting site retargets you and shows all their product including cloud servers, managed servers, VPS servers, e-mail servers. Also with Huge discounts. Would you be interacting with those ads? Most probably not because you aren’t looking for cloud servers but instead you are searching for a good shared hosting package.

Also, advertisers should always break down the website visitor details into visitor behaviour, specific product pages visited, time spent,  etc & retarget the visitors with relevant ads through Facebook ad tracking.

So, this is where Facebook ad tracking can come into the rescue. It allows advertisers to retarget their visitors by assigning a variety of conditions.

For instance, you can retarget:

  • past 180 days site visitors.
  • who made a purchase in one month.
  • added a product to the shopping cart.
  • retarget visitors who spend more than 30 minutes on particular product pages.

I will definitely discuss furthermore on the custom audience in my future blog posts. But for now, just try to understand the concept of facebook ad tracking properly in case if you were not aware of it.

Facebook optimization for ad delivery is also one of the best ways to optimize Facebook ads.

Why is Facebook optimization for ad delivery important?.

It so happened to one of my colleagues that while doing a facebook test campaign he had messed up with ad delivery & scheduling. his goal was to get more post engagements. He had forgotten to choose the ad scheduling. Also, he had scheduled the ads to run all time with a daily budget of 1500 rupees. Also, he had randomly selected some option known as unique reach under optimization for ad delivery. After two weeks his boss asked him to send the reports of the test campaign. He was shocked to see that he had burnt 22000 rupees just on a test campaign and that too with a wrong ad delivery optimization method. Also, the option unique reach was chosen instead of choosing post engagements to get high engagements.

With Facebook ad targeting you can narrow the ads to reach those people who are likely to convert. Also, If you want more post engagement you can ensure that your ads reach those people who are most likely to engage with people.

And also guess what more?.

you can even schedule your ad for specific start day and end day.

Facebook Ad delivery optimization
Facebook Ad delivery optimization.

Facebook ad optimization plays a very key role in Facebook ad marketing. People on Facebook interact with the content they love. Hence it is very important to put efforts into Facebook ad optimization while choosing the best way to optimize Facebook ads. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Also, If you like this article, Please do share it on social media sites.  Keep reading, keep enjoying.


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