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How to Segment your E-mail list that gives Great results ?

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E-mail List Segmentation is essential to ensure that you deliver relevant content to your readers.you can segment your E-mail List based on your subscriber’s interest, behavior, and characteristics. It helps to achieve a high open rate and higher CTR for your E-mail Marketing campaigns.

In this blog article Let us understand and gain a deep Knowledge of segmenting E-mail List.

1.Segment Audience based on their Interest.

It is always a good practice to send E-mails according to the interest expressed by your Audience. For example, Let us assume that you own a digital marketing Blog. Some of the readers will like Social Media Marketing articles. A few others would have interest in reading articles on E-mail Marketing Articles. Then, you should start sending Social Media Marketing Articles to Subscribers interested in Social Media.

Similarly it the Vice-Versa for E-mail Marketing Articles.

You might Wonder ” How do we get to know which reader has Interest in Social Media and E-mail Marketing?” The answer is very simple. Include a field and ask your readers to choose their interest on the Signup form.

The screenshot would help you analyze things in a better way.

E-mail List Segmentation
Segmenting E-mail List

2. The Number of E-mails Delivered vs Relevancy of Content Delivered by Segmenting E-mail List.

It might seem like an amusing idea to deliver thousands of bulk E-mails daily. But it would definitely hurt your E-mail open rates and CTR. Because People never like to Engage with Content that is irrelevant to them. They don’t like to see contents that they never opted to receive in their Inbox.

So, then what is the Solution for this?

The Answer is Send Contents that your Subscribers opted to receive. When you start sending the Correct matching content to your Subscriber your open rate will be high. This, in turn, results in Higher CTR and Conversions.

People care about the Content they Love. Also, People aren’t really bothered about the Quantity of the Contents they receive.

Again let us Tap this into our previous example of digital marketing blog.

we should think of sending 2-3 E-mails weekly with content related to Inbound marketing for our Inbound Marketing enthusiast readers. We should not send them 10 E-mails weekly with content related to Social Media Marketing, SEM, SEO, Inbound Marketing etc.

3. Increase Subscriber base and Target your Leads by Segmenting E-mail Lists.

If you are looking to attract new clients to your business then Segmenting your E-mail Lists will play a very vital role. Segmenting your E-mail list will help in targeting potential customers.

Again Let us Tap this into our digital marketing blog example. Assume that You have a huge Segmented E-mail List of readers who are interested in E-mail Marketing. You will send E-mails about “E-mail Marketing Strategy” to that List. As expected the E-mail Open rate and CTR is going to Skyrocket.

In another example, assume that you will Create a Webinar on E-mail List Segmentation Topic. You will target people who Google Search for E-mail Marketing. People who have interest in E-mail Marketing will definitely Subscribe to the Webinar.

Since they  Subscribed to the E-mail List Segmentation Webinar, it Indicates that they are interested in E-mail Marketing. Thus it gives a new Subscriber base for the E-mail Marketing List.

4.Track Each Segment in your E-mail List

Segment your E-mail List In order to track each and every behavior and characteristics.

By Segmenting your E-mail List you can track the following things

  • how many people opened your E-mails
  • what subject line they like
  • Which E-mail was liked by a particular segment of the audience
  • which CTA is best for a particular segmented of your audience in your List.

All these things will help in building a strong relationship between you and the Customer.

Also, it reduces the friction for your customers in the Buying Cycle.

The screenshot would help you analyze things in a better way.

Track your Subscriber
Track Your Subscribers

5.Double opt-in

It is always very important to confirm that your audience signed up on your website for the right purpose.

For instance, I don’t want a person interested in social media marketing to signup for the E-mail marketing webinar. This can happen many times due to various issues.

If you use Double Opt-in, it will send a Verification message for all the leads who Signed up on your site. Thus it Confirms that only the correct audience has signed up for the correct purpose.

6.Measure your Contact Rating

It is important to know which person or which segment of the audience is resonating nicely with your E-mails. Because that would help you identify the segment of the audience which has moved ahead in the Sales Funnel.

In MailChimp, you can do this very easily. All you have to do is scroll down to any contacts in your list and look at their Contact rating column.

A 4-Star or 5-Star rating means that particular person regularly reads and engages with your E-mails.

Contact Rating
Contact Rating

7.Various other factors to Consider while Segmenting E-mail List

when you segment E-mail List, you need to consider multiple factors.

You can Segment E-mail List based on the following things

  • Demographics
  • Interest
  • Behavior
  • Characteristics
  • Subscribers data
  • Organisation name of your audience and many more things.

Also, it depends on your Objectives.

8.Segment E-mail List In order to achieve Upsells and retention

Sales are definitely not the end of your relationship with your customer. focus on getting Upsells from your customer after you achieve sales.

For Example, Someone Signed up on your website and bought a “Twitter Marketing” Guide from me. After Some time, you can E-mail that person. And you can ask him whether he liked the Guide or not.

If that person likes your “Twitter Marketing Guide“, you should send him an E-mail about Linkedin Marketing. Later on, you can Sell a similar guide ” Linkedin Marketing” to him.

You can Segment that person who Bought Twitter Marketing Guide by naming a Tag/Column as “Bought Twitter Guide” Imagine if you had not segmented the person who bought the Twitter Marketing Guide. Then, You will not be having the data about what product was Bought.

Also, You will not have any idea about which other product can be offered such that he would love to buy it. Also, It is easy to get sales out of your existing customers. It may not be very easy to get sales from a new person who landed on your site.

9.Segment your Audience based on their Preference

It is important to note that everyone is not available at every single point in time. For instance, Let us assume that I’m launching a Social Media Marketing Online Course Comprising of 5 Modules. Then I Should spend some time to know the Audience Time Preference.

On the Signup Page you can ask a question to the audience stating “How many Course Module E-mails would you Prefer to receive Every Week?” A few people will prefer to have 2 Modules every Week.

Some will prefer One module Every Week. Others would Prefer Full 5 Module in one week.

Segment E-mail List by Audience Preference
Segment E-mail List by Audience Preference

E-mail List segmentation is one of the key aspects of E-mail Marketing.If you do not segment your E-mail List you will end up delivering wrong content to your Audience.I have tried to touch some of the basic things about E-mail List Segment in this article.

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