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set up goals in google analytics

How to Set up Goals in Google Analytics and Track Conversions?

Your website visitors will take many different actions on your website depending on their choice.

Your prospects might submit the contact forms, subscribe to newsletters, submitting the lead form, sending a chat message, purchase a product, and do many more.

All of these actions are nothing but conversions.

You will have to focus more on sources and channels that are driving more leads and prospects for your business.

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Analyse returning visitor using google analytics

Returning visitor using Google Analytics: How to analyze them?

A website without any traffic is like a river without water. Be it with starting a new blog, e-commerce marketplace, social sites, company websites or any type of website needs the traffic to expand their business in this online world.

But what is very tricky & interesting is the quality of the traffic matter more than the quantity of traffic.

Now the term “quality traffic” further encourages us to know about something known as loyalty & engagement. Interestingly in many cases, a returning visitor would have more loyalty towards the website than a new visitor.

Thus it is good to focus on increasing the rate of returning visitors on a website.

In this article let us understand the definition, the metric, the dimension & more about the behavior of a returning visitor using google analytics.

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