Why Every Successful business should use SEM?

Last Updated on August 22, 2019 by Santhosh Muralidhar

Search engine marketing is the process of Marketing a Service / Product on the search platforms. Due to increase in the number of searches happening daily, SEM has become an integral part of digital marketing. So, then the question that really arises is that Why Every Successful business should use SEM?. How is this different from all of the other Marketing Channels?. This article will describe the reason that “why every business must use SEM Strategies”.

1. Huge Volume of Searches

Over 1.2 trillion searches are happening every year on google as of August 2016. Now Just imagine a small start-up trying to promote their service on the internet. No other Platform apart from Search Network could have the Vast amount of diverse range of Audience that is required for a business entity to promote their Services/ Products.

2. Micro Moments in SEM

Consumers are Searching on Google. Be it when making a decision to buy a product or to research about a service / Product Consumers are Searching and Surfing on google. Consumers are not going to Social Media or to their E-mail Inbox to Search or make a decision about Purchasing a Product/ Service.

Now, Imagine Rohit, a college student. He wants to watch his Favourite movie in PVR on this Friday evening after his college classes are over. What would Rohit do as soon as his classes are over on Friday afternoon?. He will immediately get his smartphone on his hand and search on google for Booking a Ticket online for his Favourite Movie.

There could be N number of brands that show their ads for Rohit’s Search Query. But not all brands will be able to Capture this Micro Moment. Only the brand the stays on top of the search results and captures Rohit’s Attention will be able to Drive through Rohit’s Journey in Booking a Ticket for watching a Movie.

This is why capturing those micro-moments of the consumer when they are searching on google is very important for every successful business.

3. Cutting-edge technologies

As discussed in one of the previous articles, Google Adwords offers a bunch of Features, tools, and Cutting-edge technologies for SEM. Be it from Location targeting to keyword targeting, Remarketing Adwords has all the types of features.

But it is important to note that not everything fits at every place. It is very important to have a proper analytical mindset while working on SEM.

For example, the Ad scheduling feature could be a great feature for evening food and chats business. Also, Ad scheduling could be a great feature who wants to drive more traffic on weekends for their Sunday Deals and Sales on the e-commerce store. But Ad Scheduling may not be Such an effective feature for a Marketer who is promoting a Financial institution and gets the same amount of traffic to their website at all times of the day.

Also, there are other types of ads like Shopping ads which helps in marketing products and items in your stores.

4. Increase in Mobile users and Increase in Voice Search

With more and more consumers using mobile internet service, the number of voice searches has also increased. This has led to a lot of whole new innovations on the search platforms in order to make the Ads and Search results more mobile friendly. It is important to note that in the next 4-5 years the number of Indian Mobile internet Subscribers is going to increase by 2-3 folds.

The new age rural and other internet users who are not that much exposed to Qwerty keyboards prefer to use Voice search options. And also they prefer search results and answers in their regional/ Local language.

People sitting in a restaurant or cafeteria are gonna use their smartphones to search not their Desktop/ Laptop.

It is very important to notice that consumers on Mobile platforms prefer a Very faster experience than regular Desktop Users. Mobile Users prefer to know about something that is nearby their locations. For example for someone who is in Bandra and if that person thinks of eating something at a restaurant on his way back from office then he or she would search for “Restaurants in Bandra” in their smartphones rather than typing “Restaurants in Mumbai”.

Thus, the effective use of mobile-friendly extensions, Location extensions, and Call extensions is very much crucial for a Search Network Campaigns.

5. Intent-based keywords

Keywords or query are an integral part of the search network. Over 70% of the search queries contain long tail keywords. long-tail keywords indicate the proper intent of the consumers on the search platform. It also leads to higher conversions. Also, long-tail keywords have less competition.

For example, someone searching for “buy cheap and best web hosting” is already having an intention of buying a web hosting service. If our Ads shows on top for these type of keywords then there is a high chance that the consumer who is in buying mood would visit our store to buy the product. Also, there could be very less competition for these kinds of long-tail keywords.

Whereas a user who is typing a bit short keyword “best web hosting ”  is in the mood of researching about good web hosting but not about buying at that point in time. There could be a lot of competitor ads for these kinds of short keywords like “best web hosting”. And there is no guarantee that user would visit our store only after doing their research. Thus long-tail keywords give high conversions and short keywords give less conversion in Search engine marketing.

Thus it is very important to analyze what works and what does not works in search marketing. After reading this article you would have a clear picture on Why Every Successful business should use SEM?. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you liked this article please do share it on social media sites with your friends.


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