How to Get the Best Ideas to Write Blog Posts in 2021

How to Get the Best Ideas to Write Blog Posts in 2021

Last Updated on September 30, 2021 by Santhosh Muralidhar

One of the biggest challenges in blogging is finding ideas to write blog posts. When you sit to write articles the first thing that comes to your mind is “what should I write about now”. Finding the best topic ideas is actually the foremost step in content creation. It can be difficult to suddenly pick an idea for writing blog posts. Many bloggers do face this issue. So, here in this article, I would like to share some cool tactics to easily find ideas to write blog posts.

Express & Share Your Own Experience to Get Ideas For Writing Blog Posts

This might sound unusual for many of you. Because most blogging gurus out there will first directly suggest you use some tools, competitor research & forum research to pick topic ideas. While this method will also work there is something even better to share with you first.

I felt that thinking and recalling our own past work and experience can open the doors for plenty of amazing ideas to write blog posts. 

It is actually a very simple thing. But how you apply this logic & connect with your blogging efforts matters a lot.

What I actually meant by this is that you just need to write about what you learned and experienced from any sort of work or task which you performed earlier.

First, let me tell you my own example & story. Over the past few months, I have been working on several on-page SEO projects & keyword optimization freelance projects.

So, I had the chance to do Rankmath SEO for two of my freelance clients. 

And I also worked on creating a website from scratch and set up the WordPress SEO for a local dumpster rental business based in Houston.

Along with that, I did keyword optimization work for many of my client’s web pages.

Also, I did work on fixing technical SEO issues & Implemented AMP for one of my client’s websites.

I believe I’m not supposed to publicly share any personal details about my clients & their project details due to NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) &  privacy policy. But I think my knowledge and quality of published articles should give you an idea about the quality of work which I do.

So, what’s up?. 

How is the Freelancing work going to help me with my blogging?

Very simple. Don’t you think the work which I’m doing on freelance projects will build up my experience along with enhancing my knowledge, skills?.

Yes, that’s correct. 

I already published an article about WordPress SEO by making use of knowledge and experience which I gained by working with that dumpster rental website.

I even published an article regarding keyword placement in SEO by making use of all the knowledge which I gained from those keyword optimization projects and gigs.

That is how I’m writing articles these days by expressing my own practical experience & sharing my thoughts.

Next, I have ideas to write blog articles about Topics like Rankmath SEO & AMP integration for WordPress. Because I already did these things to some of my past clients.

I can actually get even more specific. For example, I learned to optimize pages built with elementor by working on my client projects. So now I can share some tips and insights about this in my future blog posts.

But I hope you understand what I’m trying to tell you.

So, it is now a lot easier for me to pick the topic and start writing the content.

Now you can also apply this logic to your own blog and content writing efforts.

Suppose, for example, you might be a food blogger. Assume that you learned to make some new type of delicious dish.

So, what’s next?.

You must now start writing about how you actually made this new delicious dish.

Think of providing tips about cooking this new dish for your readers. 

You can share your own thoughts & experience about how you cooked this dish. And give details about what ingredients are required.

Hence we finally have a brand new blog post coming out regarding this very awesome dish.

I hope you now got this logic about sharing your own past experience to write amazing blog posts.

Research on Forums And Get Ideas to Write Blog Posts

If you had ever visited websites like Quora, Reddit, Warrior forums you would have noticed that many people post questions regarding various topics.

There is always a huge chance that there will be many questions that are very much related to your niche, topics of your website.

For example, you might be owning a fitness blog or a travel blog.

Just head over to Quora and search for a question containing the word fitness. You might also want to follow spaces and groups regarding fitness on quora.

You will find that there are a ton of questions and answers related to fitness on quora.

Next, you just need to pick some of these relevant questions which are suitable for your blog site. And then analyze the main theme or topic to which these questions are related.

You can then start writing amazing blog posts by keeping these questions in mind. So that you will actually by giving detailed and specific answers to these questions.

The people who post relevant questions to your blog are actually your target audience only.

So, remember that when you start answering these questions in your blog post you are basically delivering more value to your audience by solving the pain points, queries, blocking factors, and doubts through informative tips.  

I had actually published a detailed guide about how quora can be used for picking topic ideas. You can go through the same to get more details.

Also, I had covered using warrior forums and reedit in my how to start a blog guide. This might also be very useful for you.

Make use of Competitor Analysis Tools

Your top Competitors could be regularly publishing amazing blog posts which drive a ton of traffic to their site.

What you can do is pick up the top blog posts of your competitor’s website which are sending them a lot of traffic.

You might want to make use of tools like Ubersuggest or SEMRush for this task.

Let me show you the steps:

1. Go to Ubersuggest

2. Enter your Competitors domain name

How to get ideas to write blog post by doing competitor analysis

3. Hit the Search button

4. Scroll Down to Top SEO pages Section

Top SEO pages

And this is where you get what you want.

The most highly popular web pages of your competitor’s site which bring a ton of traffic can be found easily at your fingertips.

You will also get details about the estimated visits and backlink counts of each and every specific page. 

See, I can find that my competitor is writing about topics like business ideas to start a blog, freelancing ideas, naming a blog, etc. And the site is getting a lot of traffic through these topics.

What this suggests is that I must also be publishing about similar topics so that they are relevant for my audience and adds value to them.

And obviously, this would also improve the blog traffic for my site.

But what is more interesting is that I’m able to find new ideas to write blog posts by easily doing some competitor analysis.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about finding new topic ideas to write blog posts and articles.

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