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How to Setup a Facebook Ad campaign That Gives Great Results?

Last Updated on October 18, 2019 by Santhosh Muralidhar

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms. Thousands of brands are investing billions of dollars on Facebook Ads in order to get results from their Facebook Ad Campaigns.

In this article, Let us understand some of the key facts that would help you to Setup a great Facebook Ad Campaign.

1. Define your Objective.

The first Step is to Define your Objective. It can be about creating awareness, getting Engagements, Conversions, Store Visits etc.

For example, If you need Web traffic to your online store then your Objective is to Create Awareness. If you are looking to get comments and shares on your facebook page then your objective is to get Engagement. But if you are looking to get Sales to your online Store then your Objective is to get Conversions.

For a new brand, it is highly recommended to first create an awareness campaign.

Take a look at the below-given Screenshot. That should help you to understand more about Choosing Objectives for your ad campaign.

Define Facebook Ad Campaign Objective
Define Facebook Ad Campaign Objective

2.Target your Audience

Target your audience based on their demographics, Interests, Behaviours etc.

For example, Let us assume that you own a Fashion retail store in Mumbai. Then your target audience demographics would be as follows

Location: Mumbai, India.


Gender: Women

Facebook allows Detailed Targeting. Detailed targeting allows you to target your audience based on their Interests, Behaviours, demographics etc. Target the audience who have expressed interest in your Competitors Brands.

Also, target Audience by their Behaviours. For example, If you are promoting a Fashion retail store in Mumbai You can do Detailed Targeting as shown in the below-given screenshot

Target Audience
Target Audience

Also, Facebook allows you to target your Lookalike audience and custom audience. Lookalike audience can be an audience who is very much similar to your targeting segment.

Also, you can use different facebook page source and location to create Lookalike audience.

Refer to the below-given screenshot for creating Custom Audience.

Create Custom Audience
Create Custom Audience

3.Specify Budget and Schedule

Facebook allows users to setup daily budget and lifetime budget. Specify a start date and end for your budget or you can choose to run your ads continuously without any end date.

Also, it is suggested to Start with a budget of around 10$-20$ to start testing your ads.

Specify Budget
Specify Budget

4.Optimize your ad delivery

Facebook allows users to optimize ad delivery for landing page views, Conversions, Link Clicks and Daily unique Reach.

Optimize Ad Delivery
Optimize Ad Delivery

5.Define a Strategy

Make a Short Video that is related to your business or service you offer. you don’t need to invest your money heavily to make videos. Also, videos can be created for free using the available tools on the internet.

Promote the video for the target segment of Audience. Start with a budget of $20-$30 per day.Schedule the ad for 3 days. Also, you can use Facebook Analytics to find out the Audience who watched at least 25% of your video.

Create a Split test Campaign

Create a Split test Campaign by targeting all the Audience who watched at least 25% of your Video.

In Split test Try using Multiple Storylines.

For example, you can make an Ad with a title “Get to know the Top 3 brands in Western Fashion and Design” for Targeting Audience who Prefer Branded Western Dress”.

Similarly, you can make another Ad with a title “Get to know the Top Trending Fashion Dress” for Audience who Prefer Trending Dress”.

Set up a budget of around $10-$30 per day for this Split test ad.Schedule the ad for 3 days. Create separate ad set for each and every interest category. Also, Create separate ad set for each and every behaviors and demographics of your target audience.

Let the Objective of this Split Test be Landing page views.

After Analyzing the results of the Split test you can proceed towards Setting up a Conversion Ad Create a Conversion Ad by targeting all the Audience who engaged with the Split test. your conversion goal can be to achieve a Purchase or anything similar to that.

Also, Add the Facebook pixel to your website. That should help you to measure and track your Sales happening through your Facebook Conversion Ad. Make sure that your ad has relevant and catchy landing pages. Also, ensure that the pricing of the product should not be too high.

6.Facebook Ad Placement

Facebook provides multiple choices to place your ad.

The available placement options for the ads are shown in the below-given screenshot.

Ad Placement
Ad Placement

7.Design Ad Copy

The Important Aspect’s to consider while designing ad copy is:

  • Create Relevant Ad Copy
  • Design Visually Attractive and Compelling Ad Copy
  • Make sure that the Ad copy is Catchy so that it grabs the attention quickly.

Use tools like Canva to create and design Ad Copy Facebook has some guidelines for creating ad copy. Make sure that your Ad copy follows all the guidelines laid down by Facebook. Also, you can make use of free Stock Images to design the Ads.

8.Use Facebook Analytics

After following the above steps you will be in a position to run your Facebook Ads live. At this moment it is very important for you to Analyze the results of your Facebook Ad Campaign. Facebook Analytics is used to Measure the Performance and Analyze the results of the Ad campaign.

Also, Facebook Analytics does help you to derive great Insights from your Facebook Ad Campaign.

I hope you enjoyed by reading this article.

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