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How To Enhance Engagements For Your Social Media Campaigns?

Last Updated on May 13, 2019 by Santhosh Muralidhar

You want to build your brand through social media marketing. You might want to leverage multiple social media platforms to build your brand.

In many cases, you might want conversions through social media advertising.

But you have to keep in mind that social media platforms are not marketplaces like Amazon and eBay where people go with an intent to buy or purchase a service.

So, Be it for brand building or be it for getting conversions you have to learn the art of driving engagements if you are really serious about getting greater ROI from your social media advertising campaigns.

Here in this post, I will share the best tactics to enhance engagements for your social media campaigns

1. Wakeup & Reply to Comments

Don’t just be inactive when you are advertising on social channels. That kind of conveys a message to people that your brand is a bit inactive.

Reply to each and every comment of your promos and posts.

For example, people could be attracted or interested in your brand. And they could be leaving comments to ask their queries or express their happiness about brand promos and posts.

So, your duty as a social media marketer is not just limited to running advertising campaigns. You must reply back to each and every comment in a helpful way such that you address the people’s query and express your gratitude.

Whenever someone leaves a comment on my Facebook page expressing their delight, I ensure that I reply back to it with a Thank you. And when there is a query, I reply back to the query with a suitable answer in the comment section.

This helps in increasing the engagement rates for my social media pages.

And in the long run, it helps in building my brand as well.

2. You Must Leverage Video Content

The Video is really getting big on social channels. Video content gets 2-3 times higher engagement than text-based content.

There are many great online tools where you can easily create and edit your videos.

Creating video content does not need a lot of resources.

Make use of the images in your blog posts to create Slideshow. And then you can convert the slideshow into the video by adding background sounds and captions.

And you could even show up your self in the video and talk for 4-5 minutes in the video about the solutions that you have described in the blog post. Neil Patel & Brian use this tactic very well.

By leveraging videos you would end up getting more subscribers and followers as well.

3. Leave the Crap “Buy Buy Stuff”

This has been going on for many years. Marketers want social platforms like Facebook to work like a marketplace wherein which conversions, sales, ROI is all that matters.

But unfortunately, people don’t go to Facebook with their purses and wallets as they go to a marketplace.

So, the idea for marketers is to create valuable and emotional brand stories. This will lead to an enormous amount of people leaving comments and sharing your stories.

Once you have people engaging with your brand stories and content you should retarget those people and start providing free offers, free tips or free guides depending on your target audience.

People love free stuff. Be it free advice or a free guide or a free offer just ensure that you add great value to your users. This will help in making the users move ahead in the funnel.

Instead of directly jumping to sales and leads, If you think of building a brand, and think of getting engagements you will start getting better ROI for your social media marketing campaigns in the long run.

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