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5 Takeaways from HubSpot Social Media Strategy

Last Updated on May 26, 2019 by Santhosh Muralidhar

HubSpot Social Media Strategy

A lot of People spend a large amount of time to Create a Social Media Strategy.I personally believe that one of the best ways to do it is by having an insight into the Strategies of Top brands. Let us have a deep insight into the HubSpot Social Media Strategy in 2017.

HubSpot is a company that develops Software Products related to Inbound Marketing. They are also involved in marketing these products. Hubspot’s major target audience is on the Facebook Platform. In 2017 Hubspot’s major Content Strategy was related to Videos.

The five important takeaways from Hubspot’s Social Mefroma Strategy is

  • Post According to the Audience Preference
  • Affirming the identity of the Audience
  • The Topic is the King
  • Native Advertising
  • Grab the Attention of the Audience in Just a mere few Seconds

Now, Let us dig a little bit deeper into each of the above mentioned things

1.Post According to the Audience Preference.

A lot of people think that Facebook Marketing is just about spending some money on the Ads and designing the ads. But this is a wrong myth.

Facebook’s algorithm is designed in such a way that it considers the following things to  increase the news feed Reach:

  1. Engagement
  2. Views of your Post
  3. View Retention

if you come up with irrelevant content you might just end up losing your time and money. It is important to come up with quality content that your Audience Prefer. For example, Let us consider the case of Hubspot’s Strategy.

Hubspot did an experiment by making two different videos. One was the Walking Dead spoof video. The other was the Berlin city pride video.

Both of the above-mentioned Videos were posted on Hubspot’s Facebook Page at time intervals which were suited to be the best time for their Audience.

There were two different Social Media teams.

One team was monitoring the Walking Dead spoof Video. While the other team was monitoring Berlin city pride video. In the end, they came to know that Walking Dead spoof Video got more Visibility & Reach in the newsfeed.

But the Berlin city pride video got less number of views. This was mainly because of the fact that Walking Dead spoof  Video was more preferred by their Audience.

2. Affirming the Identity of the Audience.

The Audience really loves to be included in the content. Not only included but they also want to be seen in the content.

Let me explain this in a very comic way. For instance, Let us assume that you are a Dancer. And you are watching a video that is related to Top 10 Unique things about Michael Jackson. Don’t you think it would be amazing if your traits, Identities, and Passion were Correlated with that Video?

The answer would be definitely Yes.

People will engage more in groups and communities in which they feel that correlates with their identities and Passion. Hubspot experimented with this by targeting their Entrepreneur Audience. They posted a Video about Top 5 Traits of Entrepreneurs.

The Video was correlating with the passion and Identities of their target Entrepreneurs. Hence it got an immense amount of Shares and Engagement among the Entrepreneur Segment of Audience.

3. The Topic is the King

There are a lot of big Events and Occasions that happen all around the year.

For instance, during New Year, a lot of Topics related to New Year will be appearing in your newsfeed. Whereas an article published by your friend related to his marriage topic might not be visible at all.

This is because of the fact that a large number of articles related to New Year will be appearing in your Newsfeed. This is where actually a lot of brands miss out.

Brands that fail to make use of Trends will fail to connect their Topic with their Audience. Thus it leads to a decrease in their News Feed Visibility.

You have to learn the Skill of connecting your Topic with the latest trends. For instance, Let us assume that you are a blogger. Then, you can connect your topic to a New Year Trend by Posting an Article with a title “New Years Resolution for Bloggers”.

Hubspot seems to be aware of using trends to connect with Topic. HubSpot Made videos by using Trends. Hence, many of their video’s got a lot of engagement.

4.Native Advertising

Hubspot used both Native Ads and Non-Native Ads. The outcome was that their Native Ads was more preferred by their Audience. Also, Native ads Resonated with the Audience. Hence, Native ads got 160 times more views than Non-Native ads.

5. Grab the Attention of the Audience in Just a mere few Seconds.

Nobody would watch a video that does not engage them in the first 3 Seconds. You might have a great piece of Content, Information, Graphics for your video. But if you fail to engage the Audience within the 3 Seconds of playing Video, you might lose your Audience.

Here again, Hubspot seems to have nailed this one.

As they apparently said “Lie or Die by the first three Seconds”.

Thus, It essentially means that you would lose your Audience if you don’t engage them within first 3 Seconds.

Hubspot used optimized content and targeted  Ads. Hubspot believes that Video Content Marketing has a great potential for their business.

As Said earlier, Social Media Strategy is not about investing money from your pocket. Social Media Strategy is about building brand loyalty, bonding with your Community and Followers through Social Media Channels.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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