Top 6 Growth Hacking Strategies in Digital Marketing

Last Updated on November 7, 2019 by Santhosh Muralidhar

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is the experimentation of various strategies across different Digital Marketing Channels and Picking up the most Efficient Strategy based on the results of the experiments. It is used to generating leads & nurture leads, the potential of Growth Hacking is not just limited to that.

Many Startup Ventures are using Growth Hacking Strategies as an integral Part of their Digital Marketing Strategy.

Growth Hacking Techniques
Growth Hacking

In this article, you will learn 6 Most Effective Growth hacking strategies.

1.Create a Blog

There are thousands of People searching the internet daily for the same type of product or service you offer.

Then why would they not buy your Product Straight away?

The Simple Answer is they Just don’t know about you.

Blogs help in driving Relevant traffic to your business. it is very important to Create contents such that the Content address the Problems of your Audience.

Also, blogs can help you build a Reputed online Presence.


Blogging may not get you tons of traffic immediately. In the long run, Blogging will definitely benefit you in case if you implement proper blogging techniques.

2. Try Experimenting & Be a Self Promoter

There are millions of ways of implementing strategies.but you never know which one works for you.

It’s always good to be open to experimentation in this digital field.

For example, A Company called Insight Squared experimented on their signup page by reducing their long signup form into a short signup form. They deleted out all the unwanted fields like Phone, Address which was creating a friction for the Audience to Signup.

The new shorter version of their signup page had fields for name, email, company & role. This shorter version of their signup page resulted in 112% conversions rate. Another factor to consider is that as a  new blogger you have to do guest posts on other top blogs in your niche. You may want to include backlinks in your guest posts.

Also, join Relevant Discussion Forums and Provide valuable answers to people. Replying to queries on discussion forums would definitely help your potential Audience understand that you really have a good knowledge of the Solution they are looking for.

Thus you would build a bridge to gain the trust of your leads.

3. Identify the Dropouts in the Inbound Marketing Funnel.

Idenitfy the Drop outs in the Inbound Marketing Funnel
Identify the Dropouts in the Inbound Marketing Funnel

According to a lot of Surveys and Research over 98% of your Potential Customers would be in a Research mode.They wouldn’t proceed further in the Funnel Unless & Until you Convince them.In case if you don’t Convince them it leads to Dropouts of the Leads from the funnel.

  • Create Awesome Engagement Magnets and reduce all the frictions.
  • Provide relevant content addressing the problems of the audience.
  • Fix all the Loopholes in your funnel.
  • Just don’t sleep after you get Leads. Start to Follow up with leads. Provide them Guidance and relevant contents.

Few of the basic questions that you may ask yourself while creating contents to Follow up with leads would be :

  • How your product can help them?
  • What is your product about?
  • How to use your Product?

Notice for Specific Points on which your Audience Stopes Engaging with you. Work on them and Fix those Loopholes.

As Said earlier 98% of your Audience don’t know about you. Only 2% of the audience know about your Product or Service. Also, while following up with leads ensure that you communicate in a humane way with emotions.

So, not all leads will immediately get converted into sales.

Experiment, Test, Tweak. That’s the only Mantra.

4.Create Awesome Email Marketing Strategies

E-mail Marketing
E-mail Marketing

One of the Important Growth Hacking Strategies is to create an E-mail Stockpile. Stats say that every one dollar spent on E-mail marketing gives and ROI of 44$. E-mail marketing is one of the most Cost-effective Strategy. you can start communicating with your lists through Valuable Contents as discussed above

Also, you can ask your audience to Signup to your list in order to get Great Coupons and deals etc. You can also use Opt-in and Pop-up to your web page and test conversion points.


Never and Ever hesitate to integrate your business. You must always be open to partnering with other companies. So that you will get a whole bunch of New Customer base to explore upon.

For example, a lot of brands have integrated Social media Platforms for their business.

You can use a catchy Engagement Magnet like “Join with Facebook and Get access to all of our Coupons & Deals”.These Kind of things  would Provoke your users to Signup Via the Integrated Platforms

And lastly, don’t forget to add your Social proof. Let the World know about the people who have a positive opinion about your product/Service.

6.Create Community, Create Content and Allow your Audience to use your Service before they Decide to Buy it.


A great  Community is a place where people are regularly engaging with the content. People do post a lot of queries. It is important to communicate in a human way with emotions instead of replying to people like a Robot.

Also, you can Post User Generated Content, Testimonials and Post it in your Community groups.

User Generated Content is a very Powerful Strategy.


when your Audience opens your content, the content experiences three stages of a psychological dynamic Journey. The Content travel’s through the eyes and into the mind and finally settles down permanently in the heart.

Content Psychological Journey Across Eyes,Mind & Heart
Content Psychological Journey Through Eyes, Mind & Heart
  • First Stage into the eyes

Readers first will have a glance at the presentation before reading your whole Content.

Use Responsive and Attractive Fonts, Style, Design, Colours etc for your Content.

Generally, Audience scan your Content in a manner, such that resembles the English Alphabet “F”.

  • Second stage into the Mind

Ensure that whatever Piece of content you have Provided to your Audience gives a great Value to your Audience.

if you are targeting New leads, then create content that gives solutions to their problems.

In the mid-stage of Funnel, Provide contents about how actually your product will help in solving their Problems.

  • Third Stage Into the Heart

Through Story Telling, Content will settle down in the Heart of the Audience and they will experience emotions.

Another important factor is that Brands that opted out to provide Free trial package sawed an Increase in the number of Paid Customers.

I hope you have learned some interesting Growth Hacking Strategies from reading this article.

Please do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.

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