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How to use Social Media Platform to Create a Proper SMM Strategy?

Last Updated on June 2, 2019 by Santhosh Muralidhar

Facebook is one of the most Important Social Media Channel. It has a Very Diverse range of Audience as compared to any other Social Media Platform and hence building a great Facebook Marketing Strategy is very Important In order to  Create Social Media Strategy.

why do companies fail to create social media strategy?

Many companies would not have the proper knowledge to Create Social Media Strategy. They would  Create a Facebook Page by uploading some posts. They would pay money for getting likes to their page. At last, they would invest money blindly in Facebook Paid Ads, Create Crap Ads and add a Facebook button on their Website. In Reality, this is the main reason why many Companies fail to Create Social Media Strategy.

  • The Most Important Aspects of Creating a Page is to Post Contents accordingly to your Audience Interest.
  • Post Highly Engaging Content.
  • Analyze the Audience.
  • Schedule Posts at time Intervals in which the Contents are Resonating with the Audience.
  • Create Proper Objectives and goals.
  • Analyzing Competitors pages.
  • Measuring your Performance and many more.

Tools like Canva can be used to create a Visual rich Facebook cover, logo etc.Canva is also used to create image contents.The different content types available are image, text, links, video etc.

Now After Reading all these things you might be wondering How to get more potential customers to read your post?

The Answer is very simple.

Facebooks algorithm is based on the Formula   I*P*C*T*R.

I->Interest of the Audience.

As said earlier it is very much important to post content according to the interest of your audience. so that your audience would engage with your post.

P->Past Performance of the post.

It is important to note that Facebook algorithm keeps an eye on your posts performance.For example, if your posts had 20 shares,30 likes and 40 comments from Just 50 Views then your post is a highly Engaging Post.Thus Facebook algorithm would note the performance of your post. This would lead to an increase in news feed visibility.

C-> Performance of Past Posts by the Creator.

Facebook gives prominence to someone who created awesome engaging content. Facebook increases his news feed visibility. A Person who created some very Less Engaging content would have less news feed visibility

T->Type of Post

Photo, Links, Status


Facebook generally likes to send Recent Posts into it’s News Feed which is Fresh rather than sending old outdated, it is important to create Fresh and Engaging Posts Regularly.

After Following the above steps you will be in a position to create Awesome Engaging Posts on your Facebook Page

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