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Fix error in Google Search Console

How to Fix Errors in the Google Search Console

Google does not like websites that have lots of technical issues and errors.

Search engines like google regularly keep track of your website’s errors and warnings. 

Google bot will crawl your website and report the errors in the google search console.

Your website rankings could go down if you have lots of technical issues on the website.

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How to Grow Your Blog Traffic

How to Grow your Blog Traffic in 2020?

So, you want to know how to grow your blog traffic?

Blogging is an awesome way to grow your personal brand in the internet world. 

Getting more people to visit your blog is equivalent to getting more chances to help people and build a relationship.

Many new bloggers actually struggle to get traffic for their blog posts. 

This could be because of fault in the content strategy or due to the defects in blog promotions.

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