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How to Effectively leverage Quora For SEO: A Data-driven Practical Guide

Last Updated on February 21, 2021 by Santhosh Muralidhar

Quora is one of that kind of social media platforms which has got a lot of unexplored and untapped benefits for marketers.

Indeed, the quora user base is not as big as Facebook or Twitter.

But the several statistics show that quora could be a great platform to leverage for online businesses to drive traffic and conversions. 

A report suggests that as many as 63% of quora users have a university degree and adult people generally spend two times higher time on quora that Linkedin. 

So, being a platform filled with educated people who anticipated to read topically relevant text-based native content, Quora is certainly a great thing for SEO professionals.

Because in SEO the main goal is to gain higher rankings for the right type of keywords to deliver valuable text-based content for the right group of audience.

Before I take you through the practical tutorial for leveraging quora for SEO, let us get to understand some of the key facts and data concerning our topic.

It is believed that as many as 400,000+ varieties of topics exist on quora.

And the platform has got nearly 300 million users reading the answers and creating questions across various multiple topics across the quora platform. 

Having such a large cluster of topics and a large user base means that For SEO professionals and bloggers, it gives them a great opportunity to research their content ideas, identify their audience traits, pain points, blocking factors and understand the possible doubts and questions present in the audience mind.

Basically, for bloggers and SEO folks it is a great thing to have people on their website who would read their text-based content and get educated/guided.

Because those types of things are the ones that help bloggers to build a connection with the audience.

With 400 thousand types of variety of topics and 300 million+ people active on Quora, it gives the best opportunity to do content promotion activity by targeting the right type of people.

The other cool stats about quora is that around 40 million+ people from the USA have an account with quora and nearly 40% of the site’s traffic comes from mobile devices.

So, as you would probably know in the field of online marketing and SEO, traffic from the USA generally has a special status as compared with other geographic locations.

Because depending on the nature of your product/ service the conversion to sales ratio of USA traffic could be higher mainly because of higher buying potential, and more familiarity/flexibility with e-commerce, online transaction, etc.

This could yield a better ROI for the campaigns.

Even programs like Google Adsense pay higher CPC for publishers who drive USA traffic as compared with other publishers who get lower CPC for driving traffic from other countries :).

This also means that the number of advertisers is willing to pay and compete heavily for USA traffic than compared with other regions.

With voice search becoming more popular (expected to hit 50% of Google’s total searches by 2020) it is almost a mandatory requirement for Web developers and SEO professionals to make their websites highly mobile responsive.

And with nearly 40% of quora traffic coming from mobile, It could be something that might end up very beneficial for the overall mobile SEO strategy of a website.

Businesses which began to leverage Quora have seen a sharp 400% rise in the number of conversions.

So, for people who are into SEO and blogging trying to attract leads/conversions with the help of valuable textual content this fact is something to admire about quora.

One of the best things that I heard about quora is that nearly 63% of their traffic comes from organic searches like Google search. 

Here Again, for SEO professionals who strive to gain organic traffic, Quora could be considered as a boon because so many quora users perform a search on google related to their problems before they land on the quora website.

Therefore this is a great potential opportunity for bloggers and SEO professionals to get their content in front of those people who search for the desired solutions on Google.

Using Quora For Creating the Mind Map of Topics in SEO

Perhaps the very first step in SEO for a new website is to create the Mind map of topics.

Mind map of topics helps to gather relevant content ideas by accurately understanding the audience’s interest, demographics and pain points.

Mind mapping in SEO could begin by gathering all vital information about what websites browsed by the audience, problems, and challenges faced by the audience, their demographics, audience interests, etc.

In simple terms, mind mapping will help in delivering related content which the users are searching for and hence they could find it very helpful.

Before you start writing content you need to have insights about the topic ideas and the audience.

Quora could greatly help you in doing the mind map of topics for your content.

When I was writing my SEMrush guide, I wanted to get a clear understanding of which topics and information my audience is actually searching for.

So, I thought of using quora to gain some interesting insights into this matter.

I logged into my quora account and went to the search bar. 

Then I type in the keyword “SEMrush guide” in the quora search bar.

Just before I hit the enter button, the Quora search algorithm shows me a cool bunch of related topical ideas for my main keyword.

And those topical ideas namely are “What is SEMrush sensor”, “What are SEMrush backlinks”, “How to use SEMrush”.

Quora For SEO - Topic question search

Next, I proceed and click on the search button. Carefully scroll through all the results on the search page.

Observe every individual question.

Now we could see questions around setting up the SEMrush account. 

Moving down further I was able to find more relevant questions like “how SEMrush could help in improving the organic presence of a website”.

Quora For SEO - Question List

And then I would even find a question about “how to make the best use of SEMrush link building tool”.

People are also desiring to know about SEMrush reviews and related matters.

We can also see questions in which users are trying to compare the SEMrush tool with other SEO tools in the market.

As we know in general most users are always in the consideration stage once they get to know that multiple brands are offering similar digital marketing tools.

All of these questions are posted by other Quora users. And these Users are interested in using the SEMrush tool.

But they have many questions and doubts about using the tool.

So, they are searching for good relevant solutions (answers) about using the SEMrush tool from the Quora community members.

From an SEO perspective, each of these questions posted by users could well become a great topic idea for my content creation process of the SEMrush guide and these topic ideas might also help in finding relevant long-tail keywords as well.

For instance, I could write in detail about using the backlink analytics tools of SEMrush.

It is also possible to do good keyword research around this topic of SEMrush backlink analytics.

And we can insert those keywords in the blog post to improve our organic rankings. 

I could even create a separate article about how SEMrush could help in improving the organic presence of a website.

Because all these topics are being searched by users and by writing content around such topics, I would be adding a lot of value to people.

So, we derived so much of related concepts from quora to our SEMrush guide content.

I will make a list of all these topically relevant concepts to gather more keywords around these concepts.

For your understanding purpose, I thought of illustrating this in the below screenshot.

Quora For SEO - Mind Map of Topics

Next, I could even put these topic names inside a keyword research tool and generate a cool bunch of both keyword and topic ideas.

I go to Ubersuggest and I type in one of those topics which we gathered from quora research. So here I’m putting SEMrush backlink . And I hit the enter button.

Ubersuggest Keyword Research

There you see, I already generated a big list of keywords around this SEMrush backlink analytics concept.

Keyword reports

Overall we could say that by using quora we can clearly understand what information and the type of solution that our target audience would anticipate reading in our blog post.

When we combine these quora research tactics with our overall SEO process, It will end up in creating content that would be highly helpful for the readers.

Ultimately by creating a user-centric content strategy, we would see better rankings and better returns from SEO.

On Quora users can also follow topic which they feel interested to learn about.

So, when a quora users post a question he could assign a topic for his query and this helps in gaining relevant answers from the people who follow that specific topic on quora.

For example, if you see my Quora account, I’m following many digital marketing related topic groups.

This also helps me to provide a thoughtful answer for those people who post questions in these digital marketing topics which I follow.

Again to be able to think from the SEO or content creation angle, we could use these multiple topic lists to find more specific insights about the questions faced by the audience and also gather more content ideas by going through every individual topic list.

Utilizing Quora For Building Backlinks

Social links are very powerful for SEO. Social Media signals contribute to around 5% of the overall ranking strength/factor. 

With that said quora a native textual content-oriented platform is one of the best places to obtain juicy social links for your website.

In backlink building, topical relevance matters a lot. A recent study suggests that getting backlinks from topically relevant websites will pass more ranking juice for the backlinks.

And Quora is one such platform wherein which we could find questions that are related to our main topic.

Let us dive into deep to learn about how we could start building powerful backlinks from Quora.

The first step is to pick up topically relevant questions on quora.

So, let’s say we are doing backlink building for the SEMrush guide.

In quora, search just types in the related phrases or keywords of your content. In my case, the keyword is how to use SEMrush.

Hit the enter button.

Quora For SEO - How to use SEMrush

Now I’m able to see a lot of questions around the SEMrush topic.

These questions are posted by users who would want to gain information about using the SEMrush tool. 

Also, these questions are highly topically relevant and specific to my blog content.

So, this is a great link building opportunity for me.

Next, scroll across each question and click them to get an overview.

Then I will be able to see the number of people following the question and the total number of the answer to that question.

Answer space

In general, from an of page SEO perspective, it is always a good practice to obtain links from popular sites. 

So, keeping this in mind it will be helpful for your link building activity if you try to gain backlinks by answer popular quora questions which would have lots of followers following the questions and people answering them.

The next thing is that we must try to give detailed answers and explanations for each of the questions.

Anchor link

The idea here is to help the user who posted the question and give them valuable information with your answers.

Quora always hates spam answers and spam links. So, please never do such black hat things.

When you start to publish valuable answers it would attract Upvotes, shares and positive comments from other users.

You must understand that social engagements also play a very key role in the overall Social SEO strategy. 

Quora gives a more organic boost for answers which have long-form detailed content, relevant images and a good amount of social shares.

You can always hyperlink the relevant text in your quora answer and obtain a backlink to the website.

Or you could also add a hyperlinked text in the bottom and obtain a backlink.

But remember that here the goal is not just to get a backlink, but it is to help people with your best possible answers.

Because that will make your answers very practically informative to the users who would want to overcome the challenges.

So, here in my case, the challenge for the user is to understand and practically utilize the SEMrush software for their search marketing campaigns.

And I’m trying to help them by writing a useful answer.

The Domain Authority of Quora is quite high probably 90+. 

The links obtained from quora is usually no-follow links.

But Google could fetch those links in their way.

If your answers are beneficial, valuable and attract a lot of engagements from users then for sure Google will treat your backlinks in a very special way.


SEO is not just about doing one thing right. You got be doing everything perfectly right from beginning with researching about your content to writing articles, optimizing them with on-page SEO tactics, improve UX and building backlinks to the content.

Quora provides the support and opportunity to leverage various SEO tactics effectively.

Quora must be mainly used to help users and answer their doubts.

By doing that brands will be able to determine the challenges and problems of their target audience.

In the long run that will have a positive impact on the SEO campaigns.

Thank you for reading this article. If you found it useful then please do share it on social media sites.

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