set up goals in google analytics

How to Set up Goals in Google Analytics and Track Conversions?

Your website visitors will take many different actions on your website depending on their choice.

Your prospects might submit the contact forms, subscribe to newsletters, submitting the lead form, sending a chat message, purchase a product, and do many more.

All of these actions are nothing but conversions.

You will have to focus more on sources and channels that are driving more leads and prospects for your business.

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Optimize Images in Wordpress

How to Optimize Images in WordPress For SEO? (And Boost Your Page Speed)

Image optimization plays a very big role in improving website Speed. Having too many large sized image files in your content will slow down your page speed. Hence it is critical to compress the images and then add them to your content. This would reduce the size of the image files and make your website load faster. If you optimize images in wordpress not only you could improve the page speed but it can also impact the SEO rankings of your website.

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