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3 Myths in Social Media Marketing

Last Updated on July 20, 2020 by Santhosh Muralidhar

Every brand wants to have a Strong Social Media Presence.

Brands want followers, engagement, brand loyalty, awareness, trust, and everything from Social Media Platform. In order to achieve that Social Media Marketer has to put a lot of efforts.

But those efforts would go in Vain if the Social Media Strategies are attached with Just Popular Myths.

The Top 3 Myths in Social Media Marketing are:

  •       The Target Audience is on all the Platforms
  •       Organic Reach is Dead for a Social Media Marketer
  •       Investment of money on Paid Promotions will give High Engagement even for Mediocre Content.

1. The Target Audience is on all the Platforms

Each and every Social Media Platform is different.

For example, Facebook has a very diverse range of an audience but it is not an Open Platform like Twitter. Linkedin is a very Closed Platform but it has a very Matured Audience and hence it might not have the diversity in the Audience that is there on Facebook.

Instagram has a good amount of young audiences and Pinterest has a significant amount of young women audiences.

Snapchat could be a great idea for someone who has got something for the Millennial audience. but if a Real estate Company starts using Snapchat then the promotions would end up with Mockery.

Pinterest could be a great platform for a digital marketing blogger because of the Backlinks feature on Pinterest. But Pinterest may not be a good idea for someone who is promoting a Men Centric Product.

Similarly, for a firm that is looking to recruit and hire Marketers, Linkedin Might be a great Platform.

But with that said there many laid out Brands in the Market that are committing a mistake by posting their job openings on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and all over Social Media.

It does not mean to say that a Good Social Media Marketer should also commit the Same Mistake by following the Herd.

There is no point in going all guns blazing by promoting your brand on all the social media channels without analyzing the fact that if a particular platform fits your business objectives or not.

As a Social Media Marketer, It is very crucial to analyze the business objectives and research who the target audience is.

Also, it is important to analyze on which platform the target audience has a presence and the type of audience and demographics each and every Social Media Platform offers.

2. Organic Reach is Dead for a Social Media Marketer

Many Digital Marketing Agencies and Social Media Marketer Say “Organic Reach is Dead”.

But the reality is that Organic Reach has become more Relevant to the Audience.

Before Long back ago Facebook Algorithm would allow posts to go into the newsfeed of all the Page Followers. This is not the case now.

But Now the Probability of Posts going into the news feed of the Audience is based on the Formula of I*P*C*T*R.

(I-> Interest, P->Past Performance of Post, C-> Performance of Creator of the Post, T-> Post Type, R->Recency). Hence only Posts that are Absolutely relevant to the Audience are sent to the news feed.

This is actually a good sign for a Brand that Creates Valuable Content. Because Facebook Algorithm ensures that their post reaches only the relevant audience.

It is true that Paid Promotion Gives an extra zip to Campaign Promotions. But at the end of the day, the contents are received by a human.

If the Content has good value then it will get more Organic Shares, Likes, and Engagement and thus it results in relevant Organic Traffic.

But Conversely, if the Content has less Value and If a Brand invests thousands of dollars to Boost the post then Such Campaign will have Zero Engagement and Zero Returns.

A Good Social Media Marketer should create Valuable, Informative, Educative, and Humourous Content instead of mixing the strategies with Myths like “Organic Reach is Dead”.

3. Investment of Money on Paid Promotions will give High Engagement even for Mediocre Content.

This is one of the Common Myths that a Social Media Marketer should not adopt while creating a Social Media Strategy.

Engagement directly depends on the Value of Contents. Good content will result in good engagement. But a good investment of money to promote a Mediocre Content will not result in a good amount of engagement.

As stated earlier, It is true that Paid Promotions Provide the Extra Zip or initial extra boost for a Campaign. A Brand that creates & Promotes good content will get good Good Engagements for the post.

But this does not mean to say that only Paid Promotions will give High Engagement. If the Contents are Valuable then Organic methods of Promoting a post might also give High Engagement than a Paid Post.

After reading this article you should be in a position to delete the most common myths in your mind while executing a social media strategy. If you enjoyed reading this article Please do share the article on Social Media with your friends.

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