Omnichannel Marketing

What Is The Omni Channel Approach & Why Should You Know About It?

“Let’s set up an ad campaign on Adwords, test it and expect conversions, sales to roll away”. A few years ago this was a usual thing for marketers and advertisers. Don’t mistake me, that statement still holds good even for today.

After all Google Ads is still the powerful beast for any business who is looking to generate sales online. But now the thing is that people are not just spending time on Google alone. The internet as we know is an open space. So people go to facebook, twitter, people read answers on quora, reedit, etc. And people want to check their emails, People want to go through the best blogs and articles on the internet.

The Logic behind Multichannel Philosophy.

People are spending lots of time on many different platforms in this internet world.

As good marketers, you have to make the brand get found at the place where the target audience is present. This is the basics idea behind the omnichannel approach.

See, if you are just focusing on SEO alone, who knows an algorithm update might just hit your business. Same way if you are just focused only on putting ads on Facebook, who knows if Facebook becomes more greed and increase their CPC rates citing supply and demand:). Probably that’s not a good sign for your ROI & marketing budget. You will miss an opportunity to gain higher clicks, and sales if you are not able to invest more in Facebook ads.

These problems could be avoided to a larger extent if you are going to take an omnichannel approach for your marketing campaigns. Omnichannel is not about simply putting an ad to burn the budget on all over the places like Google ads, quora, facebook, twitter, display ads, Gmail ads, etc. That’s not what we call omnichannel. Usually, that’s called as going All guns blazing 🙂 🙂

Definition of an omnichannel approach.

The omnichannel approach in marketing is the process of targeting your existing audience in an attempt to make them move down the funnel through multiple channels like Search, Display ads, emails, facebook, and other social channels.

Generally, the omnichannel approach works great when you integrate your SEO or Paid advertising campaigns with Email marketing. Also depending on your business you can use custom audience feature and remarketing feature to create an effective remarketing strategy for multiple paid advertising channel platforms.omnichannel-approach

A few example illustrations of the Omni-channel approach.

A visitor visited your website via Search. The visitor submits his/her email to receive newsletters. And then your job is to nurture that lead with the email marketing pipeline. A pipeline is basically a concept that defines the delivery of informative and valuable content through emails to the right person at the right point of time. Now the fact here is that emails could be sent for free. So thereby reducing the costs of your digital marketing campaigns. This is one of the biggest advantages of the omnichannel approach.

Once you start to collect your website visitor’s email and build a large list you can use those emails to set up custom audiences on multiple ad platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads to retarget your existing audience. By doing remarketing with an omnichannel approach for your opt-in subscribers your chances of achieving conversions will be higher.

It need not be like only emails are gonna help you with your omnichannel. Even cookies could do a lot of good.

Assume that a person visited your landing page after interacting with one of your facebook ads. Now if you have Google remarketing tags installed for your website then you can target that exact same visitor on Google search and also show your ads on millions of Google display partner websites. Remember that with Google Analytics you have the choice to segment your facebook/social media audience who visit your website. And so you can export that audience to your Google Ads display remarketing campaigns. In this way, your omnichannel approach for your marketing campaigns will become highly successful.

Also, the Omni-channel approach could greatly help in brand building.

Because when you start connecting with the same audience on multiple different channels it improves visibility. Also, that will register a deep memory of your brand in the mind of your audience. So, the next time when the audience thinks of a solution similar to your brand offering, your brand could well be the first one to pop up in their mind.

Many studies have confirmed that people need to visit your website at least 7 times before they make a decision. So when you combine your SEO or Paid advertising campaigns with Email marketing and remarketing you get the opportunity to make your visitors return back to your website. Obviously returning visitors have a higher probability of engaging with your brand solutions. See, the logic here is that it is much easier to sell a product for a person who has seen your brand 7 times than a person who has never ever seen your website before.

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