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Marketing With Emails: Top 5 Awesome Facts You Should Know

Last Updated on February 21, 2021 by Santhosh Muralidhar

When you decide to do marketing with emails, it obviously comes with lots of perks. Because email marketing allows you to develop a long term relationship with your potential customer. Social media marketing & paid search, even SEO for that matter it’s Just a one-off short term game with your prospect.

In simple words you pay for the ads, you get users to interact with the ads, people visit your website. And users might also come to your website in an organic way and that’s it.

Unless the user decides to return back to your website or you spend money again for remarketing campaigns there is no other way to reconnect with your users.

You might argue that SEO & Content Marketing is a long term marketing strategy. And today they are more or equally popular like email marketing.

But you need to understand the difference and the logic between each and every traffic source. SEO combined with Content Marketing could help you get higher organic targeted traffic every day in the long run.

But SEO cannot help you get more and more people to return back to your website. You should build a long term relationship with your potential customer.

So, it’s important to regularly engage with your prospect through your promo’s & content by marketing with emails.

The best way to engage with prospects, in the long run, is by marketing with emails by growing subscriber list.

This is where email marketing stands out from the rest of the channels. Every time you get a subscriber to your email list, your list grows. And so does your opportunity to build a long term relationship with a prospect.

In the digital era, most brands do create promo material, a blog update, organize a webinar, podcast, etc. But imagine if a brand is not leveraging email marketing.

Then every time they have to pay money to get people to read their blogs. And have to do paid social & search campaigns to get more webinar registrations and so on.

But the beauty of marketing with emails is that you can easily keep on sharing all your blog updates, webinar updates, promo materials, Promo emails for free & build long term relationships with your prospects.

Basically, Email marketing acts as a bridge between you and your prospect.

You might question me like this. “why do we need a long term marketing strategy to build a long term relationship with a prospect?”. We can run a paid facebook lead Ad and get conversions.

Yes, we can get conversions but what about the quality of conversions. Honestly, have you bought any service or product from a brand just by filling out Its facebook lead Ad form?.

We as customers take long term path by researching about the brand. And We engage with the brand, reading the content published by the brand. Also, We also check the reviews and do so many such things before we take the big step of the purchase.

This is where email marketing can help in assisting brands. Brands that leverage email marketing can reconnect for life long with their prospects by marketing with emails.

In fact, according to Neil Patel, a top influencer, Email marketing gives the Highest ROI among all the Digital Channels.

I hope you have understood the importance of marketing with emails. Now Let us understand the Top 5 things that every email marketing expert should know.

1. Make use of tags to do Personalization while you are marketing with emails.

As per the research and reports, emails with personalized tags get more attraction from people than non-personalized emails.

So, when you are using a tool like MailChimp you can include personalized merge tags like *|FNAME|* and others.

Just imagine yourself that you are Santhosh. Don’t you think you would respond better to an email which starts with a conversation “Hi Santhosh, I hope all is well in your end”.

Whereas when we generally see an email like “Hi, I’m doing forex trading, thought of inviting you,… Bla Bla Bla, Get big bonanza, Great Signup Bonus on First deposit”.

To be frank we would just close & ignore the email when we see these types of highly promo oriented email. Because the only intent of it is marketing and not adding value.

Here is a great list of Mailchimp personalized merge tags.

So, in the above case when we add the tag *|FNAME|* to your email body, the tag replaces the code with your subscriber’s first name.

If you want to do marketing with emails then MailChimp does offer a great number of personalized tags. Most email marketers think that “Oh personalization is all about just adding the *|FNAME|* in the email body”. But that’s not true.

The truth is that there a dozen MailChimp merge tags. And it can significantly improve the personalization strategy when you are marketing with emails.

Now let’s just take a look at some of the effective Personalized tags in MailChimp.

One of the interesting things about the world is misconceptions.

For example, most people might think, “Oh All European nations are English speaking nations”. Which is absolutely not true. For example think of European countries like Latvia France, Germany, Spain, and others. It’s all Espanol in Spain, English is not a native language for many of them :).

And to be frank those countries that I listed above are more developed countries.

So imagine in such a scenario you have got a subscriber from France to your email list.

And then you keep sending on your blog updates in English language emails to your subscriber. For sure English is not a native language for that subscriber from France.

Hence the subscriber might not know English at all. Or he or she might just understand English a bit or maybe he might understand English well.

Ok, let’s assume your Subscriber from France is an English Professor having double graduation in English 🙂

Now does that mean to say that if you start doing marketing with emails to France subscribers in the French language we won’t get any Result at all?

That’s absolute rubbish, right?. Because who would not love to see marketing emails personalized in their own mother tongue?. in fact, people do love to see email conversations in their own language & that is one way of personalizing your emails.

Remember in this example case if you are just stuck gonna stick onto sending out emails in the English language to your France subscribers, Overtime Your competitor will capitalize on this and tries to send personalized email in the French language to his France based subscribers.

This would ultimately mean that more and more France subscribers from your list will get attracted to your competitor’s email. Because your competitor is sending out emails in local languages to personalize email communication.

And this is something that you are not doing .hence this will one fine day lead to a big loss for your business because people will stop opening your emails more often.

Because they are gonna spend more time on emails of your competitors who are sending out emails in the local language.

So, wait a second I’m not expecting you to learn the French language to send out email communications in French :).

Here is the solution. Just insert the merge tag *|TRANSLATE: xx|*

when you send out emails with this code in the email body, MailChimp will automatically match “xx” in your email code to the code of the corresponding language of your email subscribers.

So, in that case when you send your email with this code *|TRANSLATE:fr|*, then MailChimp will automatically translate your email communication language into the French language.

How great it would be for a person from France to see emails every week from you in his local French language rather than seeing emails in a non-native language like English?.

This is the power of personalization when it comes to marketing with emails. It significantly helps in building a close trusted relationship with a customer. And helps to communicate by addressing the subscriber’s name & communicate with the email subscribers in their own local language.

Now Just like that, you can use merge tags like *|Phone|* to display your subscriber’s phone number and like that there are many merge tags that are used for specific personalizations.

Also if you are marketing with emails with an intent to achieve high ROI you should personalize your emails with personalized promo codes.

For example, if you are running an e-commerce store. You already have subscribers on your list. Let us assume that your subscriber name is “SANTHOSH”, just for example. Then on your subscriber’s birthday, you can send them a promo code like “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SANTHOSH”.

And then on Diwali festival time, you can send a personalized promo code like “HAPPY DIWALI SANTHOSH”. So when your subscriber sees this type of promo code, he would get attracted to the promo codes.

This would ultimately increase the chances of the subscriber making a purchase on your e-commerce store. Thus ultimately leading to Higher ROI For your email marketing campaigns and as well as your business.

Don’t you think it is great for your business to attract more customers by sending personalized promo codes in emails rather than just throwing off some generic promo codes like “BUY CRAP 50” 🙂 ?.

Now solution to add these type of personalized promo codes in your email is that you should implement the merge tag *|PROMO_CODE: [$store_id=x, $rule_id=x, $code_id=x]|*.

Now you can go through this MailChimp merge tag instruction document to gain more knowledge about personalization tags and practically implement personalized tags.

But I hope I have clearly explained the concept and potential of email personalized merge tags to you.

2. Automate Your Email Campaigns to do marketing with emails.

People can visit your website at any time. Any time in that sense they might visit your website and subscribe to your list even at midnight when you are sleeping.

So, you promised a free guide for your subscribers who signup to your list. But you are sleeping at midnight when your subscribers opted into your list to get your free guides :).

So, what is the solution to this?.

Wakeup in the Midnight and do a night watchman for your website to send free guides for your subscribers in the night? 🙂 🙂

See this is where Email automation comes into your rescue.

The idea behind Email automation is that you will automatically send correct emails at the right time to the right person.


Suppose for example yesterday night at 1 AM a potential customer/prospect came to your website and signed up for a free trial offer on your website.

But you are unfortunately out of your office and taking a nap in the night.

So, if you come back in the morning the next day and start to do marketing with emails for that prospect who signed for the free trial in the night then that customer will get confused and would move away from your company.

Because that prospect did not get the product instruction emails from your company side right at the time when he signed up for a free trial. So, these types of issues will confuse and create a barrier for your customer and ultimately the customer would move away from your company.

But if you start implementing automation by marketing with emails then your potential customer will not have such issues.

So, in that case when your customer sign-ups for the free trial on your website the automated email campaign would automatically trigger & send the right emails to your prospect at the right time.

Also for e-commerce businesses that are marketing with emails, an automation campaign can be used to send cart abandonment emails, order confirmation email and so on.

Follow these simple steps to do automation email campaigns while you do marketing with emails.

  • Signup and login to your MailChimp account.
  • Click on campaigns.
  • Click on Create Campaigns.
Campaign Creation for Automation email marketing campaigns
Campaign Creation to do email automation
  • Select Emails.
Choose relevant campaign types
Carefully choose the proper campaign type
  • Choose Automated as the campaign type.
Select automation

Choose Automation option for your email marketing campaign
  • Enter your campaign Name.
adding name for the campaign and choosing list

Enter the Campaign name and select the list
  • Click on Begin Button.
  • Depending on your requirements select the appropriate type of your campaign between e-commerce. featured, subscriber Activity and so on.
select relevant options
Choose the relevant options

For example, if you want to retarget your site visitors with marketing emails then you can choose the same under e-commerce menu.

Similarly, if you want to send a warm welcome message for people who subscribed via a popup form then you can do the same by selecting relevant choices under the subscriber activity menu.

  • Select your email list that you want to target and use for your automation campaign.
  • select suitable options for sending a welcome message or an educational series or onboarding series.
  • Once you are finished with the settings of your campaign, Move on to Design your email campaign. Make sure that you use to create a relevant visually attractive email copy to do marketing with emails.

Designing and scheduling

Design and schedule the automation emails
  • Edit all the workflow settings with suitable settings.
  • Finally, click on Save and exit to finish automation.

Also, Automation emails can be used for verifying transactional emails & order confirmation email as well.


Suppose let us assume that you own an e-commerce store. one of your customers placed an order for the product but he forgot to choose the correct number of quantity of the products.

The customer wanted to buy 3 cute toys for his kids from your e-commerce store. but by mistake, he chooses “2” in the quantity field of the order page.

So, if there is no implementation of automation emails then the customer would just go on to fill up the details for the order and complete placing the order.

Later when the products arrive at him he will be disappointed to see that he got only 2 toys for his kids. This would lead to the displeasure of the customer which is definitely not a good sign for your company.

But if you implement automation while marketing with emails then an automatic email regarding the customer’s order will be triggered & sent to your customer before he confirms to place the order.

The order will be placed only when your customer confirms by clicking a confirmation link in that email after they verify all the order details including the quantity of the products.

So, in our example when the customer receives an automatic transaction email he could soon identify that he has placed the wrong number of quantity of the products.

Before confirming and proceeding with that order he could place a new order with the proper quantity or request your customer support team to modify the order quantity.

So in this way, the customer will not be in any displeasure after his order arrives at him. This smooth buying journey of customers would help you build a good relationship with the customer.

And eventually leading to more profits for your business in the long run.

The email automation feature implemented by your email marketing team would have ensured that the customer has completely verified all the order details before placing the order.

As I said earlier if the automation feature was not enabled for the order transaction & confirmation emails then perhaps the customer would have not got any opportunity to confirm his order details and would have got only 2 products in place of 3.

This would lead to the customer becoming disappointed about the order. And then he has to go on to place another order. This type of rough buyer journey is not a good sign to build a good business relationship with your customers.

Also, email automation can be very helpful in enhancing the security & protection level for your e-commerce or online marketplace transactions.

3. Send the right email to the right person at the right time.

Going along with our previous examples, Imagine what would happen if suppose you have set up to send the wrong product email instructions for your free trial examples?

Obviously, your potential customer would first think that the company he is dealing with is not professional and misleading.

So, while marketing with emails you need to send the right email to the right person at the right time.

4. Use double Opt-in to increase the quality of your subscriber list for marketing with emails.

Cleaning up an email list is another common issue that most marketers face when they are marketing with emails. Tools like MailChimp offer both free and paid versions. And these tools do offer the List Cleanup feature.

But too many people unsubscribing from the list is definitely not a good signal for email deliverability rate.

There can be various reasons associated with the issue that your subscribers are unsubscribing their email id from your list.

Some of the reasons include subscribing without any interest or perhaps wrong interest. And Subscribers misspelling their email id to subscribe. Maybe Subscribers felt that you are email has irrelevant content to them.

Perhaps Subscribers felt too many emails from your side and they thought it is spamming them and so on.

But one of the ways to ensure that you have a high-quality subscribers list is by using ing double opt-in method.

So, when you implement a double opt-in method MailChimp will automatically send an email to all the new subscribers who subscribed to your list.

This double opt-in email acts as an authentication email. It ensures that your subscribers have subscribed with the correct intention and have verified their email id through the double opt-in email.

Double Opt-in Email
An example of a double opt-in email

5. Leverage Popups to Increase your Email Subscriber base in order to do marketing with emails.

Gone are the days wherein which you just expect your blog visitor to manually browse through your website and fill up your WordPress subscriber form.

The latest trend is about leveraging popups effectively to increase your subscriber base.

In Popup marketing, you will get the emails of your website visitor by adding value and giving a solution for their needs.

use Popups to do marketing with emails
Use popups to do marketing with emails

Different types of Popups occur namely, top bar, Mondal, full-page takeover, Slider, Alert and so on.

For example, if you are thinking of starting a marketing blog like me. Then you can leverage Popups with an effective lead magnet like “Get free Digital Marketing Tips” to get more email subscribers to your email list.

One of the best tools to collect emails via Popup is Hello Bar. The tool has been highly endorsed by Neil Patel himself as an industry expert. Moreover Hello bar has a free version account membership as well. And you will be able to install the Hello Bar plugin very easily on your WordPress website.


There is no denying the fact that marketing with emails will require a lot of accuracies, effort, and dedication. It is definitely not as simple as what most non-email marketing guys think. “Oh, marketing with emails is all about purchasing an email list & sending the emails to subscribers inbox”.

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