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Top 3 PPC Campaign Optimization Tips For Amazing Results

Last Updated on January 7, 2019 by Santhosh Muralidhar

PPC Campaigns could yield quick returns in a short amount of time for any business. But in order to achieve good ROI through a PPC campaign, it’s very crucial to focus on optimizing the PPC campaign in various aspects of marketing. Be it Google Ads, Bing Ads or any PPC advertising platform for that matter, these crucial facts are valid everywhere.
In this article let us get to know about landing page optimization, keyword optimization, Ad optimization & usage of analytics reports.

Landing Page Experience: Make Mobile Responsive Landing Pages & Increase Landing Page Relevance.

In 2019, people have started to search for everything through their mobile devices. Be it when they are in a cafeteria, or be it when they are searching for a solution to their problems or anything else for that matter, people go with their mobile device.

Now you might have started a blog or a website and fill it with all the cool content and navigation feature. But if the website is not mobile responsive then your website visitors might just bounce off without navigating to any pages.

When we talk about mobile responsive landing pages, here is a short checklist that need’s to be taken care of:

  1. Reduce the loading speed of the landing pages by image optimization, browser caching, efficient Content Delivery Network System (CDN) and so on.
  2. Test the landing page with Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool, Google Page Speed insights tool, Google Test My Site tool and so on.
  3. Implement the necessary technical changes to the landing page on the basis of the reports of the landing page testing tools.
  4. Make your landing pages Accelerate Mobile Friendly Page. If you use WordPress websites you can install the AMP Plugin to make the website AMP friendly without much technical knowledge.

Also, it’s equally important to increase the landing page relevance. You can think of including your keywords, social proof, statistics, unique selling proposition, effective lead magnets & describe your offer in your landing pages. Do ensure to make use of pointers and images to describe your offer rather than having paragraphs of content. Also, the other important thing is that the landing page should have only one Call-To-Action button.

Focus On Ad Creative Optimization, Keyword Quality Score & Average Ad Position.

When it comes to Ad optimization the following things should be taken care of:

  1. Make use of the responsive search ads & responsive display ad feature. Because these ads have a lot of advantages over a standard text ad or a standard display ad. Responsive Ads help to add multiple headlines & descriptions. Google would automatically test the multiple headlines & descriptions to determine the best performing combinations of these.
  2. Include at least one of your keywords in every Ad Headline.
  3. Do not forget to add your unique value proposition in the Ad description.
  4. Ensure that Relevant Ad extensions like Callout extensions, Price extensions, site extensions and so on are added.

Enhance Keyword Quality Score.

In Search Network campaigns Quality Score of a keyword plays a crucial role. They said that Quality Score depends on Expected CTR, Ad relevance & Landing Page Relevance. Quality score is one of the major factors that determine the Ad rank.

While the Ad relevance & CTR can be enhanced through Ad Creative Optimization, increasing landing page relevance can be a bit challenging. because improving landing page relevancy is not just about including the keywords. Google takes into consideration a lot of factors while landing page relevancy.

One Must definitely make use of Google Analytics paid campaign reports as well to increase the keyword quality score. We will discuss this in the latter part of this article.

Improve Average Ad Position.

It’s a Proven Philosophy that ads on the top of the page get more impressions and clicks as compared to ads on the bottom of the pages that receive lesser impressions.

The Ad position or the Ad rank is a function of quality score and max CPC. You can always raise your bids and work on improving the quality scores to improve the Ad position.

Ensure that the average ad position does not cross above 4. Because if your Ad starts to appear as the 5th or the 6th Ad from the top of the search results page then your campaigns might get fewer impressions and lesser clicks as compared to the ads with an average ad position between 1 & 3 which gets a higher number of impressions and clicks.

Don’t Just Stick-On To Google Ads Reports Make Use of Google Analytics Reports as well.

For example, assume that your landing has fast loading time & all the relevant keywords. But still, if the user bounces of then google will still penalize you with “Below Average landing page relevance”. If you just depend on the Google Ads reports data you wouldn’t exactly know which keyword causes a high bounce rate for your campaigns & which keyword is performing well in improving the landing page relevancy. This is where making use of Google Analytics Paid search campaign reports becomes a vital thing. Because Google Analytics reports will always provide us with more data when we compare it with Google Ads campaign reports.

To do this, log-in to your Google Analytics account that is being linked with the Google Ads account.

Select the required property & view. And then hover down to Acquisition reports. Under Acquisitions select Google Ads >> Campaigns >> Keywords.

Google Ads Campaign Keyword Reports in Google Analytics
Google Ads Campaign Keyword Reports in Google Analytics

There you will be to analyze the bounce rate, sessions, number of goals, page views, cost & clicks associated with each and every individual keyword. Analyzing this type of filtered data will definitely help you in making appropriate modifications & optimizations to your google ads campaign. By look at google analytics, Google Ads (paid campaign) reports you should be able to optimize the bids for the best performing keywords. It’s also possible to improve the landing page relevancy by removing the keywords with a higher bounce rate and focus on existing best performing keywords and add more relevant keywords to the ad groups.

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