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Why Begin a Blog in 2020? (To Be Your Own Boss)

Last Updated on February 21, 2021 by Santhosh Muralidhar

A lot of people these days wonder “why begin a blog?”.

Blogging is a very cool concept. These days thousands of people are learning how to start a blog and launching their own websites.

Blogging has become a core aspect of content marketing. Many companies have started to integrate blogging into their marketing efforts. 

There are also many successful bloggers who are able to earn more than a six-figure income by just blogging.

If blogging is done properly then it could give you great work satisfaction. And blogging could also help you ditch out a 9-5 job. 

So, in this blog post, let’s try to understand some of the reasons to launch a blog.

Begin a Blog for helping people

Why begin a blog - Help People

If you are wondering “why begin a blog”, then helping people could be the best reason to launch a blog site.

We all have good friends and buddies in our own lives. We build a connection and relationships with our friends and relatives by helping them and sharing useful information with them. 

This is also one of the main ideas of blogging.

If you are someone who has the desire to help people then blogging could be a good career choice for you.

Perhaps 25 years ago people had to rely on TV, print media and even neighbors or friends to get some useful information about a particular topic.

But now things have changed rapidly. All information can be gathered at the fingertips with the help of the internet and Google.

That is why blogging has become more prominent and crucial to people than ever before.

People search on google to seek information. 

Blogs will act as a bridge between people and their challenges. Basically blogging will aim to guide and educate people by giving valuable information. That would greatly help people in overcoming their problems and challenges.

Beginning a blog for learning SEO & Internet marketing

Learn SEO

Blogging is not just about writing useful actional articles. To get traffic for the blog, you will need to learn SEO and internet marketing.

Sometimes I find it funny to see how both blogging and SEO are interconnected. These days it is almost impossible to do SEO without content writing and blogging. On the other hand, it is almost impossible for a blog to get consistent organic traffic without SEO. 

So, to succeed in blogging you got no choice but to learn SEO.

Many people who wish to learn SEO & digital marketing have always got one common question. And that is regarding blogging. They want to know how blogging would help them to excel in SEO space.

I have personally come across many beginner SEO folks who usually think about “why begin a blog”.

It is true that blogging can greatly help in learning Search Engine Optimization. Because blogging will help you to learn the art of attracting visitors from search engines to your blog posts.

For example, when you search for “begin a blog” on Google, you will notice that some 10 blogs will be ranking on the first page of Google. Those blogs are ranking mainly because of a high SEO ranking juice. It is a well know fact that blogs which rank on Page 1 will usually have awesome content and they have high-quality backlinks.

By applying SEO knowledge on your own blog site you will be able to get a lot of practical exposure and subsequently enhance your overall blogging skills.

Begin a Blog to follow your passion

Begin Blogging to Follow Your Passion

Every person will have a unique skill or interest in their life. Developing a passion for a particular topic is a great idea. 

Following your passion in life will help you to love your work. In that way, you will be able to focus better on your tasks and thus it improves work efficiency as well.

Blogging is a great career choice for those people who want to consistently learn and explore a specific topic to gain knowledge.

Because blogging will involve researching, writing and promoting blogs. All of these will demand an immense passion to succeed.

By doing blogging regularly you would have the chance to research your favorite topics and also create amazing content around your favorite topics.

In that way, you will be able to turn your passion into a great profession.

Why begin a blog to make a side income

Many people want to earn a passive income by doing their main job. Blogging can actually help to earn a great income on the side.

I have seen many successful bloggers like Ryan Robinson who have built a personal brand on the side by working on their main jobs.

But come on it is no piece of cake easy thing to do blogging on the side 🙂 

Whether you do it full time or on the side, the idea to succeed in blogging is always the same and simple. And that is to consistently put the efforts for creating valuable content to help people and drive traffic by doing SEO.

People who do blogging on the side must put in the extra hours regularly to their blogging activities. 

There are many good ways to make a side income from blogging. Some of the popular ways to earn money from blogging are Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Consulting, etc.

Begin blogging to grow your business

Grow Your Business

I have seen a lot of business owners who wish to leverage online marketing. Many of them even think about “why begin a blog” to grow the business.

Blogging could help in leveraging brand engagements. 

Engagements will help to build trust and connection with the audience.

Just like how we cannot propose a random girl and ask for commitment directly, We just can’t ask people to buy a product/service without delivering Value in the upfront.

By creating useful and helpful blog posts you can attract lots of potential customers to your website. Because people trust those people or brands who help them and guide them practically with good solutions.

For any type of business, the customer is the key thing. Doing marketing by traditional methods is not a cost-effective suitable option for small and medium-sized businesses.

Forget about traditional TV ads, For bootstrapped business spending money on paid digital ads might also not be a suitable choice in certain scenarios.

So, then how could business grow through online marketing without spending huge money on advertising?.

The solution for this is to leverage blogging and SEO.

You won’t have to pay a single rupee for Google to rank your blog posts and send search traffic to your business website.

Begin blogging to build your own personal brand

build personal brand

I would like to put this in a very few simple words.

Tell me how does it feel for a recruiter sitting in the interview room to see a candidate walking into the interview who has published 50+ amazing blog posts that perfectly speaks about the solutions of the challenges faced by your business or the company?.

Awesome right?.

That’s the power of blogging and personal branding. I myself have been able to attract lots of potential clients for my digital marketing consulting service through blogging. I keep on getting queries for my consulting service by blogging. This is how I intended to build my personal brand.

Personal branding can also help in growing your own business as well. Because when you write, you are expressing your opinions and expertise about that topic. This really does help in attracting lots of like-minded people and grow your network as well.

Blogging can improve your thought leadership skills as well.

I hope after reading this article you have got more clarity in your mind about “why begin a blog” in 2019. If you enjoyed reading the article, please do share it on social media sites with your friends.

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