How to Start a Blog And Make Money in 2021

How to Start a Blog And Make Money in 2021 (17 Great Steps)

So you finally landed up here by thinking of how to start a blog and make money.

I know that you want to earn money by creating a blog from scratch.

To be frank, the best way to start a blog and make money is by providing valuable content to your blog readers.

The articles that you publish on your blog should be informative, actionable, and give a solution to your blog readers.

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Marketing With Emails

Marketing With Emails: Top 5 Awesome Facts You Should Know

When you decide to do marketing with emails, it obviously comes with lots of perks. Because email marketing allows you to develop a long term relationship with your potential customer. Social media marketing & paid search, even SEO for that matter it’s Just a one-off short term game with your prospect.

In simple words you pay for the ads, you get users to interact with the ads, people visit your website. And users might also come to your website in an organic way and that’s it.

Unless the user decides to return back to your website or you spend money again for remarketing campaigns there is no other way to reconnect with your users.

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