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How to Segment your E-mail list that gives Great results ?


E-mail List Segmentation is essential to ensure that you deliver relevant content to your readers.you can segment your E-mail List based on your subscriber’s interest, behavior, and characteristics. It helps to achieve a high open rate and higher CTR for your E-mail Marketing campaigns.

In this blog article Let us understand and gain a deep Knowledge of segmenting E-mail List.

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Top 6 Growth Hacking Strategies in Digital Marketing

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is the experimentation of various strategies across different Digital Marketing Channels and Picking up the most Efficient Strategy based on the results of the experiments. It is used to generating leads & nurture leads, the potential of Growth Hacking is not just limited to that.

Many Startup Ventures are using Growth Hacking Strategies as an integral Part of their Digital Marketing Strategy. Continue Reading

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