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Lead Nurturing Strategy

Top 4 Lead Nurturing Strategy Tactics to Get High Sales Conversion

Every business needs sales. Digital Marketers put a ton of efforts to drive traffic to their website or a blog. People are building a huge amount of sales teams. Digital Marketers make use of advanced technologies like Remarketing to increase Sales & Conversions. But not all the traffic and leads convert to sales immediately. A Sales team cannot simply just straight away bang up phone call to 100 Leads &  then after the telephonic conversations are over helplessly say “Lead quality is bad, we got only a few sales”. By implementing best practices of Lead nurturing strategy & tactics, Digital Marketers can measure the lead quality and ensure that none of the leads become inactive. Thus, able to convert all the leads into sales. Let’s understand the best practices & process or strategy to be used in a lead nurturing campaign using suitable examples.

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Analyse returning visitor using google analytics

Returning visitor using Google Analytics: How to analyze them?

A website without any traffic is like a river without water. Be it with starting a new blog, e-commerce marketplace, social sites, company websites or any type of website needs the traffic to expand their business in this online world.

But what is very tricky & interesting is the quality of the traffic matter more than the quantity of traffic.

Now the term “quality traffic” further encourages us to know about something known as loyalty & engagement. Interestingly in many cases, a returning visitor would have more loyalty towards the website than a new visitor.

Thus it is good to focus on increasing the rate of returning visitors on a website.

In this article let us understand the definition, the metric, the dimension & more about the behavior of a returning visitor using google analytics.

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Personalized Promo Strategies

How to Create Amazing Personalized Promo Strategies?

A Digital Marketing Expert should always try to make Personalized Promo strategies while promoting on Digital Media Channels. Because the audience likes to interact more with Personalized promo rather than a Generic Promo. A Promo Can be Personalized on the basis of the user’s behavior on the website, audience demographics, audience loyalty towards a brand etc. In this article let’s understand some practical tips that can help a Digital Marketer to create the best-personalized promo strategies.

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Creating Engagement Magnets using Pull Marketing strategies

How to Create Awesome Engagement Magnets Using Pull Marketing Strategies?

Engagement Magnets attract website visitors to take the desired action. The desired action could be signing up for a newsletter, Free trial signup, Guide download, webinar registration, form signup, Subscribing to the E-mail List, etc. A large portion of the online audience landing up on a website are there to do research on the website.  Hence a good engagement magnet is very much essential in order to attract the audience and prevent dropouts in the funnel. Engagement Magnets are a component of Pull Marketing strategies.

In this article, let us understand the various best Pull Marketing strategies that can help an Inbound marketing expert to create good engagement magnets.

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