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4 Great Benefits of Blogging For Growing Your Business

Last Updated on February 21, 2021 by Santhosh Muralidhar

Blogging will have a long-lasting positive impact on your business growth. 

Consistently publishing blog posts could drive targeted traffic and generate leads on your website. 

The Audience always wants to consume useful content.

And they hang around at places which regularly deliver great value to them.

Let me now share some insights with you about the best benefits of blogging to grow your brand.

1. Getting more traffic and leads for the products and service

So, from the blogging perspective to keep on getting more people to your blog site you will have to create high-quality content regularly.

Because in blogging, trust and relationships are built with the audience by giving amazing solutions, tips, and practical advice through your posts.

See this is kind of an interlinked chain process that happens naturally.

When you publish amazingly valuable content, more people’s eyeballs will start rolling over on your blog.

People would benefit from reading your content.

And they would share and link back to your content as well.

And search engines would start ranking your blog posts if the content is detailed, valuable and has lots of quality backlinks pointing towards it.

Blogging is also one of the most cost-effective ways to get traffic for your website.

In fact, you can get thousands of visitors through organic methods if you start a blog.

Benefits of Blogging For Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the best methods to get lots of free website traffic.

The traffic coming from search engines like Google is known to be of very high quality and high laser targeted as well.

Search traffic will have high user intent associated with it.

Because people use google to find and seek information, buy products, compare brands, get details about local services, etc.

On the contrary, People usually do not go to Facebook or Twitter when they think of buying a car or search for a blog post to get useful information.

But they do so when it comes to Google.

This is one reason Search traffic converts a lot better and generates more leads and sales for businesses.

For especially bloggers, SEO is like a boon.

What else do you need when you have a platform like Google that can drive tons of blog traffic that is already ready to convert and give you a lead or a sale?.

When your audience searches for some information on Google, they would easily find your website on the top of the search results provided that your blog SEO metrics are awesome.

Benefits of Blogging For On-Page SEO

Your blog post must be optimized with the best on-page SEO tactics and has high-quality backlinks as well.

I would recommend you carefully do keyword research and topic research before writing any blog posts.

For the blog posts, you will have to choose suitable informative keywords.

And it should have at least a few thousand searches per month.

Because the targeted keyword has very few searches then you might not be able to generate a lot of traffic. 

Especially for new bloggers visibility and traffic matter a lot. 

Yes, you will need to target long-tail keywords and other variations in your content.

But that does not mean to say that you can overlook the keyword search volume metric.

So you will be better off targeting relevant keywords that have some decent search volume.

And as I have mentioned in my previous posts, I always recommend you to use both tools and plugins like SEMRush, Ubersuggest tool, Yoast, and rank math plugin to boost your SEO efforts.

2. Helps in building trust and relationship with the target audience

Writing good articles can actually help in nurturing the audience.

When you give advice or an informative tip in your content, you are basically helping the reader.

By giving amazing solutions and benefits to the audience for free you would start building a great relationship with them. 

People are always going to get attracted if they get benefits and useful things at zero cost.

In blogging, you would aim to give practically useful information regularly to your audience. 

I suggest you create actionable articles and break down each and every step in detail for your audience.

So your readers would easily perform those steps and overcome their challenges. 

Ultimately blogging helps in benefiting your audience.

This is what blogging helps you to achieve.

When your audience feels that they are truly getting benefited by your blog posts they would start spending more time on your content and website.

And more people will start to return back to your website.

All of these factors will help in improving your brand loyalty.

Leverage Blogging for Connecting with Target Audience

People connect with brands that deliver value first. It is a universal formula. 

And by creating valuable content you would prove that you are highly knowledgeable about your industry.

This is one of the starting touchpoints for the audience to develop trust with a brand.

Most of the people in your target audience will not be ready to straight away purchase a product or opt-in for a service from your brand.

People need time to understand your brand first.

And they want to get clarity about their queries and doubts. 

The audience will want to know how exactly your brand’s solutions could help them. 

This is where blogging can play a very pivotal role.

You will need to create a content pipeline to nurture your audience.

You should think of removing the blocking factors from your audience’s mind by creating blog content.

Your blog articles should answer the queries and doubts of your target audience.

And the blog posts must give clarity about things like the benefit of your product/service, your brand’s expertise in the industry, etc.

3. Gives the best ROI for a Brand/SEO

Blogging can help in getting a massive volume of targeted organic search traffic.

This would eventually lead to boosting your sales and ROI.

Because after all numbers do matter.

If you want to grow your brand through blogging then you don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising.

Blogging is more like creative work. It demands skill, passion, and patience. Money is not a big criterion for a brand to taste success with blogging.

Benefits of blogging to boost the Return on Investment

Blogging can give a very high ROI for a brand. Many reports also suggest the same.

From the marketing aspect, ROI is the percentage value of the amount invested by the brand for a campaign divided by the revenue generated from the campaign.

ROI = (Total amount invested/Revenue generated)*100

One of the best benefits of blogging is that it can help in getting a heavy amount of qualified traffic for free. 

And by regularly publishing blog posts you can get more returning visitors to the website at almost no cost.

Benefits of Blogging to Get Quality Traffic at very low cost

Blogging helps in attracting more people for your brand without needing a huge investment in marketing.

If you want to get traffic by Google ads and other advertising methods then you will have to spend money every time to get one-click for your website. Paid advertising methods will require a lot of money to promote your brand. 

See, if you want to get 500 clicks from Google ads then you will have to pay money for every click and for every instance of that click. 

Whereas by leveraging blogging you don’t have to pay money to get an audience for your brand.

As, I told you earlier, if your content is great then Google will naturally rank your blog on top of their search listing and give you a lot of targeted traffic.

Basically blogging can help you to promote your brand at a very low or almost zero cost.

This would significantly boost the ROI for a brand.

For especially small businesses and new startups blogging could give the highest returns since it doesn’t require heavy investments to promote your brand through content marketing.

Blogging can also help in getting a lot of leads and email subscribers for a brand.

Because when people start to love your content then they would desire to see and read more of your articles.

So, eventually, many people will start to subscribe or opt-in for your brand by submitting their emails.

This would also eventually boost the ROI for a brand.

Benefits of Blogging to get scalable and recursive results

And one of the other major benefits of blogging for brands is that the results of content marketing are highly sustainable, scalable, and recursive in nature.

So, what I meant by saying that if suppose for example this month your blog gets only 5000+ organic visits from Google then it means to have a great chance of scaling this to get 50000+ free targeted visitors from Google in the next few months.

Also, it is very much possible to get a large number of visitors to return back to your website on their own which helps you to build great brand trust and loyalty with them.

You just have to target the right type of keywords, be strong with your SEO and keep on publishing evergreen content on your site.

4. Gives Long term results

Writing blog posts consistently will give a lot of long term benefits for your business.

By consistently creating useful blog posts you could start gaining a lot of readership in the long run for your brand.

Things like SEO always give fruitful results in the long run. 

And to get good SEO results you will need a great content writing plan.

Blogging does help in boosting your SEO efforts and get you a lot of traffic in the long run.

You can set targets for your blog traffic growth and scale it up in the long term.

Publish valuable content by keeping your audience challenges in your mind and regularly update the content to make it look new and fresh.

This will make Google rank your blog posts on top for a longer period of time and drive massive traffic.

Evergreen blog posts have the potential to receive traffic continuously for many years.

Suppose if you publish one detailed blogging guide this week then it could be getting organic traffic from Google even after 3-4 years from the date of publishing.

Many reports suggest that regularly updating your content will help in boosting the SEO rankings and drive lots of traffic in the long run.

You have to do all the procedures properly to get such desired results. 

Benefits of blogging to impart brand recall

Another great aspect of doing blogging is that it advocates brand recall for the audience in the long run.

Tell me one thing. Which brand comes to your mind when you want to buy an iPhone?. It is probably Apple right?. 

Which brand suddenly comes to mind when you think of getting a cold drink?. Probably Pepsi or coca-cola right?.

Now, think about why these brand names come into your mind instantly even though there are a dozen alternative brands in the same product category?.

Very simple. It is because you have seen their brand messages repetitively a lot of times regularly on TV, Newspaper, the Internet, etc. 

Similarly, in blogging, you can send out email newsletters and messages regularly for your subscribers. 

Example case:

For example, By regularly sending 4 email newsletters every month you would end up making your audience see your brand messages at least 200 times in the next 4 years. 

This will help in improving brand recall for your audience.

And obviously, if your email message and conversations turn out to be beneficial and helpful for the audience then it will build a lot of trust for the audience in the long run as well.

So, the next time when your audience thinks of getting any information or solutions that are related to your offerings they would jump into your website first.

This is how blogging can give long term benefits for a brand. 

I hope you got some very useful information about the best benefits of blogging for the long term growth of your business. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.


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