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About Me

Digital Santhosh

Hi, I’m santhosh. I have been running this blog from 2018. I love to help businesses leverage digital marketing succesfully.

I love to explore the world of internet marketing.

I have got good knowledge in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Google Analytics, Lead Generation and Search Engine Optimization.

Along with working on my client projects, I aspire to grow my blog on the side and make it hugely popular.

About Me

Digital Santhosh

Santhosh is a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant and Expert from Mysore, Karnataka, India. He help’s businesses & startup’s to grow online with the help of digital marketing. Also, Santhosh is a professional digital marketing blogger. He loves to write articles about Social media marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, Inbound Marketing, Web Analytics & Blogging. He shares his knowledge in the field of digital marketing through his blog Digital Santhosh.



Skype: santhosh.muralidhar


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