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Placement Targeting GDN

Placement Targeting GDN: 3 Best Important Facts You Should Know

When it comes to the topic “placement targeting GDN”, we are basically thinking of putting ads on the publisher’s properties. To Succeed in Display Network Advertising it’s important to do proper placement targeting for the display campaigns. In this blog let’s have closer look at 3 important facts in Placement targeting on the Google display network.

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Niche Keywords

What Are Niche Keywords and Why Are They Useful?

Niche Keywords are extremely impactful on your SEO & SEM strategies. Now, I know that millions of people try to rank #1 on Google for keywords like digital marketing, SEO, etc. You can think of other industries as well. Many travel websites try to rank on google for search terms “Travel blogs”, “Travel destination” etc.

But does that means to say that you should also try the same type of broad keywords for your business?. Assuming you have a digital marketing site, Of course, when you rank #1 on Google for keywords like “digital marketing” you can obviously expect a ton of traffic to your site. But does that traffic really converts on your website?.

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